back up

So for the last two years, ish, this site has been wonky, and I apologize for that. The theme is was using, Landzilla, no longer works properly with the newer versions of PHP, so you got lots of nice little warnings and error messages every time you looked at the site, then the content was displayed down below them. However, the warnings and errors kept me from getting into the dashboard to make any changes. And between going back to school full time, Shanna getting laid off, Shanna getting pregnant, and whatnot, well, the condition of this website kinda fell to the wayside.

Sorry about that.

But now, with a huge amount of work (seriously, it’s taken a week or so) I’ve finally(?) fixed it. I don’t like the layout, but all(?) the old content is still here and accessible. And I can modify the layout, just need to do that, again.

Or code my own. hmmm…..

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