inexpensive chest rig

Over at Uncle Sam’s Retail Outlet, you can get a USMC chest rig for $20. It probably will not come with the harness, but one can easily be made. I used a USMC Source hydration bladder pack, $10 at Uncle Sam’s, but probably any camel-back type pack would work, or an old ALICE y-harness, or just make a harness from straps and connectors.

The connector on the straps matched right up to the male connector on top of the chest rig. The male connector on the pack had to be replaced with a female one. Luckily, my chest rig came with two extra female connectors, but they’re like $1 each at Mil-Spec Monkey. I also added a slider to help keep the female buckle on the pack in place, but that might not be necessary. You can always sew it in place, but I was looking for a no-sew solution.

Bam, that’s it, you are done. Under $50, and a great chest rig!

There is a thread on right now about these chest rigs and how to attach harness to them.

Also, while ordering for Uncle Sam’s, they have double mag pouches for $3, and the veryvery awesome USMC Filbe assault pack for $50. It’s soooo much more comfortable than the older Marpat pack, or the Army’s assault packs.

Make sure you wander around the site, and check it often, as their stock is constantly changing. They have Bianchi M9 holsters for $16 right now, where most places have them for $40 or so.

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