People of New York! I’ve started a new service for y’all (or youse). We rehabilitate evil assault weapons and “high” capacity magazines. Send them down to us, the Gandalf23 Home for Wayward Assault Weaponss (and their Accessories) where they can be rehabilitated away from evil and learn to live their lives in peace in an environment of acceptance and tolerance, instead of hidden away in closets and attics in shame and criminality.

As of last night magazines with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds must either leave the state or be destroyed. So send them down to us! We’ll see they are used for lawful purposes and treated with respect and dignity. Don’t let them rust away in your attics, in your basements, buried underground or hidden in the backs of your closets! Why risk criminal sanctions? Send them to us!

The law broadens the assault weapons ban to include any semi-automatic with a detachable magazine and one military-style feature, like a flash suppressor or a pistol grip. So send us your newly created, evil, assault weapons! We’ll take care of them, and rehabilitate them for good! All “NY Assault Weapons” will be, upon arrival in Texas, magically turned into “just firearms” and thus rendered un-evil. All such surrendered firearms will be put to lawful use in a loving, caring environment full of acceptance.

email for shipping address:
falfiles at gandalf 23 dot com

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