crazy people

Crazy people do crazy things. Crazy people killing people is not a new thing. School attacks by crazy people are not new, either. Nor are attacks where the attacker suicides at the end. Nor is this just an American thing. It’s world wide and all throughout history.

Looks like the Connecticut elementary school shooter’s mom worked at the school and he killed her there, and maybe another member of the family at their house first. so this is basically a domestic dispute with lots of extra bonus killings. I would assume he thought something like “well, I’m already going to hell/jail for the first killing, might as well kill as many as possible” or maybe he was mad that the kids at the school got more attention from mommy than he did. Who knows? And unless a note is found we’ll never know for sure. All we do know for sure is that he was a sad pathetic cowardly fuck who should’ve eaten the bullet first instead of last and not put anyone through all this.

I think we need to start a campaign. Call it “First, not Last” and encourage homicidal fucks like this to off themselves first, not last after killing so many people. In order to assure they still get all the post mortem celebritizing they desire, we’ll encourage them to write out their sick little death fantasies, and then make sure to praise their “bravery” and “spirit” publicly for offing themselves before their inner monster was unleashed and they killed others.

We can even have scoreboards so that some guy that wants to walk into a hardware store with an axe and kill people will rank lower than someone who trows grenades in a shopping mall. It’ll kinda of be like Fantasy Football, except not. I figure if it encourages one of them to not kill others, it’ll be worth it. Plus it’ll give the media all kinds of gory details to obsess over and they can make neat charts and graphs and whatnots. win win.

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