So my truck has had problems for the last two weeks or so. :(

Two Saturdays ago we picked up lumber from the yard, drove it home, and then it would not start. The starter solenoid would not even click. Lights worked, so I ruled out the battery. I replaced the solenoid the next day, and it started. yay!

But then the next morning it would not start again, it would not even click.

So I bought a rebuilt starter, and decided to swap it out this past Saturday.

But, the headers were in the way, and even if I could get the starter out, or take off the headers, I could not get to the third bolt on the starter. I have no idea how you get to it. And then we noticed that the lights were not working. So I tried to jump the battery, and nothing. Tried to charge it, nothing. The battery was purchased a year ago in January 2011.

Two days of trying to return the battery back to Autozone later, I have a new battery. The first store said “yeah, it’s f’d up, we’ll replace it…oh you didn’t buy it? tough shit, the warranty is not transferable.” On a one year old battery. Huh. So I get the info from the guy I bought the truck from, and go to a second store. They think the battery just needs a charge, so 1.5 hours later I leave the store with a charged battery, that is dead by the next morning. So I go back to the first store (it’s closer) and give them the previous owner’s info as if it is mine and they swap it out. Although it’s a red one and not a gold one. Whatever. At least I have a new battery. Get back home, install it, still get no click. :(

So I get it towed to the mechanic.

They replaced the ignition, and messed around with the wiring, and now it works.

But they didn’t replace the starter like I asked them to, and they didn’t inspect it, like I asked them to do. So I’m happy, but annoyed.

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  • by Paul

    Hey Buddy, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction of where I could get a black Truckman Battle Axe like the one you have a picture of in the link up above. I recently commented on the poster, but you made it bake in 2006. I had one of those in my old Army unit and was always going to take it with me when I left, but forgot when I was out-processing. I’m now in Film School and need it for my next short.


  • by admin This is post author


    The pictured axe is a TRG Battle Axe II. I don’t own one, I got the yellow handled one since it was considerably cheaper and I own a can of black spray paint. :) Definitely for a film, just buy the yellow one and paint it.

  • by Joe

    Hey admin, re: of in the website box here for an easy find, of I’d like to know if you found out any more info on what Wm. B. Bankhead said about the un- constitutionality of The Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929. When did he say those words and more at what forum? And WHY hasn’t anybody taken this to the courts? My friend thinks that people who discover this and think to file a court case are $ paid off $. Like from some Lobbyist team of Protectors of their “Craft”!? But then that gets into what one of our Founding Fathers said of if you love wealth more than you do liberty of then to get down on your knees and lick the hand that feeds you! I would not take money, but stand on principles as like a Robert Stack “Untouchable”.

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