MGW mags

A few years ago, during the federal ban on eviiiiiiiiiiiil assault rifles and eviiiiiiiiil non low-capacity magazines, I purchased a MGW 90 round magazine for my AR15. It’s huge. It looks cool, though, hanging off my AR.

I used it exactly once. My AR started firing more than one shot with each trigger pull. So I took it to the gunsmith at the range and he said it was the stiff magazine string causing the top round to rub against the bolt carrier and slow it down enough that it would not get caught by the trigger. Seemed reasonable, so I never used that mag again.

Of course, it turned out that the real culprit was a bad disconnector. Not the mags fault at all. I’ve since fixed the rifle and it works as it’s supposed to. And I keep meaning to try out the 90 rounder, but I always seem to forget to take it. Also for a few years it was missing, I found it last year when I moved.

Why did I bring this up?

Now that the ban is gone, MGW is back in business. They’re producing the 90 rounder again, as well as 50 round mags for 10/22s, and they’ve just introduced a new product, 5 or 10 round AR-15 magazines.

As a marketing promotion, if a blogger mentions these mags, and links to their site (as I just did), the blogger gets two mags free.

So…. 5 or 10 round AR-15 magazines are now available from MGW.

As soon as the mags arrive, I’ll test them out and let y’all know what they’re like.

hmmm…wonder if BMW is going to do something like this? :) (btw, don’t use Opera to look at BMW’s site, cause they call it an “Incompatible browser”

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