flirting towards nuclear armagedon! news at 11!

Any of y’all see the ABC news program on how eeeeeeeeevil nuclear reactors at universities are ripe, RIPE!, for terrorist uses last week? Neither did I, but I heard plenty about it. They parked a Ryder truck nearby and said that meant something ominous. They hired young co-eds to flirt with security at the reactors and try to get in. They should win the Dan Rather/Dateline award this year for this piece. :)

Anyway, through some combination of links I ended up at NEI Nuclear Notes, a blog on news and commentary on the commercial nuclear energy industry. Pretty interesting site.

I’ve often said that we need more nuclear reactors in this country. Yes, I work in the oil industry, and yes, that would hurt the oil industry, but so what? We need cleaner power. We need power that is not dependent upon islamafacists and unstable dictatorships.

Anyway, check out the site.

One thought on “flirting towards nuclear armagedon! news at 11!

  • by John Wheeler

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