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“Let’s see – Native Americans were wards of the state for a century, and, until the recent casino boom, were the most impoverished, addiction ridden, unemployed group in society; the family farmer has been the object of endless state programs to save him for most of the 20th century, and his numbers have shrunk from [Continue]

ugh. atf screwups in milwaukee

ATF’s Milwaukee sting operation marred by mistakes, failures They had guns stolen from them, their “undercover” store was burglarized, then they stiffed the landlord for $15000 in damages and back rent/utilities. And they were paying such high prices for guns that people were going to Gander Mountain and buying new guns then going to them [Continue]


People of New York! I’ve started a new service for y’all (or youse). We rehabilitate evil assault weapons and “high” capacity magazines. Send them down to us, the Gandalf23 Home for Wayward Assault Weaponss (and their Accessories) where they can be rehabilitated away from evil and learn to live their lives in peace in an [Continue]