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bowlingball mortar!

thanks to the neighbor down the street who set out two bowling balls on his curb, I now have 11, and thus will be building a bowling ball mortar! (I wanted to wait till I had enough “ammo” for at least 10 shots before building one). So….anyone have an unused/old oxygen tank they need to [Continue]


Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured… But not everyone must prove they are a citizen. – Anonymous

gun trust

Got our trust notarized and will be meeting with the dealer on Sunday to fill out the paperwork and get it sent off to the batf(e). Then the wait begins!

innocent people dying was the objective of fast and furious, not collateral damage

“Innocent people dying was the objective of Fast and Furious, not collateral damage. It would be as if the Bush administration had implemented a covert operation to dump a dangerous abortifacient in Planned Parenthood clinics, resulting in hundreds of women dying — just to give pro-lifers an argument about how dangerous abortion clinics are. That’s [Continue]