Monthly Archives: April 2012

holocaust rememberance day

Today is Holocaust Rememberence Day. Which should also be called “Remember why we never ever ever let the government take away our firearms because the only reason to take them from law abiding people is so that they can then round up and shoot the now unarmed people without getting shot themselves” day. Remember this [Continue]


I replaced the coil two weeks ago, and the truck appears to be working fine, but can I trust it? So I took the coil to Autozone and had them check it out. All they did was check the resistance, I’m not sure if there are other tests you can do on a coil, and [Continue]

trencher update

Little update on the Ditch Witch (trencher): Never did find the right manual for it. Used the trencher to level the site for our above ground pool last summer, then didn’t use it again till a couple of weeks ago. Expanded the area of level ground for a newer, larger above ground pool this year, [Continue]