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“They put me with an ex-Mossad [Israeli Secret Service Agent]…He put a GPS on my car and jumped me out of a hair salon. He gave me a blue gun, and so any time we saw a blue gun … if he jumped us out of any place, we’d have to pull the blue gun, [Continue]


So my truck has had problems for the last two weeks or so. Two Saturdays ago we picked up lumber from the yard, drove it home, and then it would not start. The starter solenoid would not even click. Lights worked, so I ruled out the battery. I replaced the solenoid the next day, and [Continue]

colt is making a gatling gun!

45-70 caliber. No idea how much it’ll cost. I imagine quite a bit. But damn, it does look pretty. It’d be nice if they came out with .38/.357 and .22 calibers, for cheaper shooting. Although I guess if you can afford the gun you can afford the ammo. But 45-70 goes for >$1.50 a round!

sopa and pipa suck ass

SOPA in the House, and PIPA, in the Senate, basically do the same thing. Both need to be stopped. Here’s the text of PIPA . We’re having enough problems with people/corporations abusing the DMCA, and here comes along a new set of laws that will expand the potential for abuse a million fold! Read up [Continue]