Monthly Archives: January 2011

surefire 60 round magazine

I want one of these Surefire 60 round magazines. Maybe two. But at $130 each? That violates my “no more than $1 per round held” rule. I might have to make an exception though. Since they do fit in most two mag pouches. I wonder if they fit in a redi-mag? But I can get [Continue]

magpul dynamics art of the precision rifle

Looks great! I had the good luck to be on the same squad as Todd Hodnett a few years ago at the three gun match at TacPro in Mingus, TX. He was a very nice guy and really knew how to shoot. I look forward to watching this video and learning something.

star pirates!

Online game, browser based, so nothing to download. It’s fun. And kinda addictive, but not in a bad way. And easy to play is small break-time sized increments. Star Pirates