Monthly Archives: September 2010

bad news on house

Our realtor talked to the seller today. He’s pissed that we have not closed. We were supposed to close last Tuesday, and the fucking appraisal is still not done. I have called our mortgage consultant but he has not answered the phone, so I left a voice mail and sent him and email, but I’m [Continue]

ratchet charging system for aks

This looks interesting 2nd Generation Ratchet Charging System Wonder how much it’ll cost? Also, I think for their 3rd generation they should incorporate a rail on the right side, so you have a place to hang a light. And maybe a rail on top for a red dot.

not closing tomorrow :(

Seems that the previous people trying to buy the house started a FHA loan, and rather than cancel it it must be transfered from their lender to our lender. This takes time, and in our case it took too long. And our lender decided to wait for it rather than do the next steps, so [Continue]

1911 parts for sale

Continuing the clean out my closets to pay for closing costs on a house sale, I have the following 1911 parts for sale: (qty 20 16) Chip McCormick “Easy Fit” 1911 Sear part number 80012, $5 each (qty 3 2) Chip McCormick “Easy Fit” 1911 Grip Safety Extreme, Blue, part number 87044$20 each (qty 2) [Continue]

more stuff to sell!

Howdy everyone, It looks like I’m closing on a house next Tuesday, and I need to raise some cash for the closing. It’s a little more than I thought it’d be, so I’m cleaning out the closet and selling a lot of stuff, mostly firearm related. Magazines: I’ve got a bunch of MecGar CZ-75/85 magazines [Continue]