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she said YES!

Sunday night, June 13th, 2010. New Mexico desert. Mile marker 5 on NM 39, 8:30pm. The sun was setting. There was a small sliver of gold just above a distant mesa. Then a band of dark, dark red you only see in the desert. The rest of the sky was cobalt blue. The stars were [Continue]

us army guide to painting your rifle

PEO Solider(*) has published a document [PDF] called “Weapons Painting 101”. Looks good. * “Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier was created by the Army with one primary purpose: to develop the best equipment and field it as quickly as possible so that our Soldiers remain second to none in missions that span the full spectrum [Continue]

gobar gas

Gobar Gas Go read the whole article, it’s three pages, but there are lots of pictures. This is very interesting technology. Basically you make a concrete pit with a domed top and dump in poop (people as well as animal) and you end up with good fertilizer (better than raw poop) and a biogas that [Continue]

obama is victim of bush’s failed promises?

OBAMA IS A VICTIM OF BUSH’S FAILED PROMISES– BY Chuck Green – Democrat: “Barack Obama is setting a record-setting number of records during his first year in office. Largest budget ever. Largest deficit ever. Largest number of broken promises ever. Most self-serving speeches ever. Largest number of agenda-setting failures ever. Fastest dive in popularity ever. [Continue]