Monthly Archives: May 2010

average every day sane psycho

“You think that I go home at night Take off my clothes, turn out the lights But I burn letters that I write To you, to make you love me Yeah, I drive naked through the park And run the stop sign in the dark Stand in the street, yell out my heart To make, [Continue]

.22 suppressor is approved!

This time it only took five months to get my suppressor approved. Yay! I should be picking my SWR Warlock up tomorrow. Unrelated, but this is the second coolest flare gun I’ve seen and certainly much more affordable than the double barreled German WWII ones. Are there just flares available in 26.5mm? Or are there [Continue]

kids _are_ competent!

Watch this! This guy is awesome! I want to do this with my nephews. The same guy wrote “50 dangerous things to do with your children” which I think I’ll have to add to my growing library-of-cool-stuff-to-do-with-the-nephews-(and-future-kids). Here is a family doing the 50 dangerous things one at a time. How fun! Oh, and the [Continue]

mein phonen ist kaput!

So I umm accidentally and briefly let my phone get a tensy bit wet this morning. And now it’s not working. And I can’t get it all apart to clean it (the nice thing about working in an electronics shop is the plethora of stuff to fix electronic devices with usually). So…for a while it [Continue]

1973 mustang for sale

It’s not mine, I just saw it this weekend and thought it looked awesome. 972-323-0584, ask for Robbie It’s green and has been all restored. It’s got a new engine, new interior, cd player, and looks to be new tires, too. I’m not sure how much he wanted as I did not ask, I knew [Continue]