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selling 1900 rounds of .40 s&w

I’ve got 1900 rounds, three sealed cases of 500 rounds each and one opened case with 400 rounds left (8 50 round boxes), of Precision Ammunition’s Copper Matrix-NTF .40 S&W ammunition for sale. This is all high quality, brass cased, frangible ammo. This is all American made to SAAMI specs. Its a copper jacketed, solid [Continue]

fox tossing?

Who knew? Fox Tossing: “Fox tossing (German: Fuchsprellen) was a popular competitive blood sport in parts of Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, which involved throwing live foxes and other animals high into the air. The tossing would take place in an arena, usually either created by setting up a circle of canvas screens [Continue]

zhum zhum zinny zinny

While looking for the original 80s song by Sly Fox, I ran across this: The words are different than the original: “Ain’t nobody jealous, everybody has they own Nobody locked up, everybody, everybody is free to roam Lookin’ at scrubby with a hottie on his side Lookin’ at rich kids, poor kids, Everybody together on [Continue]

rifle grenades!

In my quest to be the coolest uncle ever I decided that I really needed to get some (practice) rifle grenades, for shooting out at The Farm. So I got a couple of M31 Inert Rifle Projectiles from Numerich. They look like this: Except the tail fins are all f’d up. Which they said was [Continue]

thursday night gun fights “Texas Combat Shooters host a tactical pistol and a tactical rifle/pistol combination match every Thursday night from April-October weather permitting. Our matches are held at the beautiful Elm Fork Shooting Sports Complex located at 10751 Luna Rd. Dallas, Texas. The tactical pistol match begins at 6:30p and runs to around 8:00p. Our tactical rifle/pistol [Continue]


In 1957 you could buy this for $190! And have it shipped, along with the ammo, right to your door! You could also buy a slightly used Brittish Boyes Anti-Tank rifle along with a .50 BMG conversion kit and 7 extra magazines for $130! (as always, click on the images to embiggen)

religious fanatics fire on gov’t troops!

Also today the government went into Warsaw to resettle some people to the east and were met with gunfire and IEDs from a group of religious fanatics! Today is the 67th anniversary of the start of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, where a small band of Jews held off the German Army for a month.

breaking news!

The government sent troops to confiscate an illegal arsenal (including some artillery!!) in Concord, Mass., and they ended up in a running firefight with the local militia!

recent books read

Recently read: The first eight of David Weber’s Honor Harrington books David Weber’s Mutineer’s Moon John Ringo’s Live Free or Die Tom Kratman’s Lotus Eaters ARC (the hardback comes out in a week or two) Weber and Linda Evans Hellgate (got a whole mess of Weber books at an estate sale for like $10) Reading [Continue]

visited atf today

The BATF(E) are no longer in the Federal Building downtown. Their phone number is also not listed in 411. The only thing 411 had was an 800 number, that leads to a recorded message saying that number is no longer working. Grrrrrr….Go out to where they are now (them: “we are at the Expressway at [Continue]