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military cartridge brass destruction round 2

Military Cartridge Brass Destruction 2010 – Round 2 by Gary Marbut, President, Montana Shooting Sports Association: “ The cure that was arranged by Montana Senators Baucus and Tester to fix the intended military destruction of once-fired cartridge brass last year appears to be suffering from a fatal end-run. Interested persons will remember that a year [Continue]

the federalism restoration amendment

Sound great to me: “ THE FEDERALISM RESTORATION AMENDMENT The legislative power of Congress shall not be construed to include mandating, regulating, prohibiting or taxing the private health insurance of any person; nor shall the power of Congress to make all laws which are necessary and proper to regulate commerce among the several states be [Continue]

<$200 5.56mm suppressor

Griffin Armament Spartan suppressor is on sale for $175! It’s on closeout because they are about to release their Spartan II suppressor which weighs a little bit less, but sells for $299, which is still a very good price. I have not been able to find anything about this suppressor, but it “sounds” interesting.


“No man thinks more highly than I do of the patriotism, as well as abilities, of the very worthy gentlemen who have just addressed the House. But different men often see the same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen if, entertaining as I do [Continue]

land ho!

Not sure why, but I’ve had a bug up my butt for a few days and have been looking at land out in west Texas. These are both near Sanderson, Texas, the cactus capital of Texas. Sanderson is an hour or two out from Del Rio. They’re also reeeeeeal close to old Mexico. 127.69 Acres [Continue]

let’s fire some congressweasels

Al Green (D) Houston Rubén Hinojosa (D) Austin to Corpus, down to the border Silvestre Reyes (D) El Paso Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Houston Charlie Gonzalez (D) San Antonio Ciro Rodriguez (D) El Paso to San Antonio Lloyd Doggett (D) Central Texas Solomon P. Ortiz (D) Corpus Christi Henry Cuellar (D) Rio Grande to San [Continue]

armalite truckload sale and contest

“The ArmaLite® Truckload Sale and Contest Buy a Truckload of ArmaLite Rifles… Keep the Truck Guess how many Rifle fit in a “deuce and a half.” Win a SPR Mod 1 COP complete upper Geneseo IL – On Wednesday, Mark Westrom came into the office and said we’re having a truckload sale. He said if [Continue]

more flashlight goodness

Tactical Night Vision Company has a Q5 CREE LED DROP-IN LAMP for Surefire G2, and other Surefire flashlights. Not only an LED conversion, but also seriously ups the brightness (from 90ish to 220ish lumens), throw, and side spill. Looks great, may have to get one for the G2 I have, and at $45 each the [Continue]

$125 surefire weapon light

Longmountain Outfitters has Surefire M952 weapon lights, with pressure switch and ARMS mount, for $125 It’s $125, but new they run $457! Here’s Surefire’s page on the light: “Specifications Output / Runtime P60 Lamp 65 .0 lumens / 120 minutes P61 120 .0 lumens / 20 minutes Bezel Diameter 1 .47 inches Weight w/Batteries 8 [Continue]

win 20k or a camaro ss

Jegs Win a Camaro SS (or $20,000 cash) contest 20k would pay off my car, buy a beater truck, and still have enough for some fun toys. Hmm…but which fun toys? A wire EDM? Or a Mac-10? Decisions, decisions.