Monthly Archives: January 2010

suppressor update

The ATF(U) cashed my check on January 25th, 2010. Not too shabby. I mailed it off on the 18th (forgetting that it was MLK day and would not actually go out until the 19th). Now the waiting really begins. Last time it was 19 weeks after they cashed my check before they approved my application.

pinewood derby

Went over to Luis & Michelle’s yesterday and helped with their three boys pinewood derby cars. It was great fun. Their derby was today. I did not go, but I hear they all got middle of the pack. At least none of them came in dead last. Dillian I hear even won one heat, so [Continue]

duck season!

Went duck hunting this morning. Got up and met Dean at 5:30, we were out at the farm by 6:20. Got the blind up, and the decoys out, and…no ducks. Someone north of us had ducks, because they kept shooting every now and then. But no ducks decided to grace our pond. the funny thing [Continue]


http :// “VENDOR NOTICE-AUSTIN SHOW ONLY: At the direction of the Austin Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, ONLY LICENSED FFL DEALERS will be allowed to set up and sell firearms at the N. Austin Show Location. (This does not affect our vendors who do not sell firearms)” Where do the [Continue]

barack the barbarian?

Notice that the eeeeeevil Red Sarah (Palin) is riding an elephant to crush our beloved hero. Blech. Crush, baby, crush! “The Fall of Red Sarah” 10 page preview another picture of their version of Sarah Palin: I do think it’s funny that she has glasses. The obamanation has been cameo-ing in several comics lately, most [Continue]

results of us army test on camouflage

The report can be read here. Interesting that USMC Desert MARPAT works better than the Army’s new Universal Camouflage Pattern in _all_ environments. Holy Shit! Also looks like Desert MARPAT and Desert Brit (DPM) both work pretty good in urban environments, so maybe I should pick up a set. I read the other day that [Continue]