Monthly Archives: November 2009

neat mag pouch mod

I want to sew little elastic hoops onto some of my mag pouches like this: So that I can use them to also carry shotgun shells at the Three Gun Match. However, before I do that I will need two things: 1) Some good elastic that will not wear out or stretch out or tear [Continue]

inexpensive rocketmen and pirates

Rocketmen Battle of Titans, 5 booster boxes (of 36 packs each), for $15.95 The same store, Dave & Adam’s Card World, has some pretty good prices on Pirates cards, too. I guess that’s the one nice thing about Whiz Kids going under, is that the price on stuff has gone down. Still rather have new [Continue]

auction update

Got a package in teh mail today from Boonie Packer. I ordered the missing parts for the Redimag I bought at auction Saturday on Monday and they arrived today, Wednesday. That’s pretty fast! Checked on the Rock River Arms NM Two Stage Trigger and…well, while the trigger I bought is in the bag, it’s not [Continue]

a tale of two customer services

Just got off the phone with Boonie Parker, the makers of the Redimag. It’ll be a whopping $5, including shipping!, to get the missing parts for the Redimag. Very cool! Boosted by that call, I called Taurus, to see about ordering parts for the pistol I got Saturday. Despite their website saying that their lifetime [Continue]

went to an auction yesterday

Ended up buying, amongst other things, a box of 17 pistols for $30. They are all busted in some manner. Here is what I figured out so far: Beretta Patent 1919 Model 418 cal. 25 ACP (6.35 Browning -First type): have the frame and slide , pistol grip screws, trigger, some trigger mechanisms, grip safety, [Continue]

flight 1549 video simulations

Flight 1549 video simulations Holy cow! Go there and watch them, they are amazingly detailed! Very cool, showing well, everything from the time the brakes came off to the bird strike to the landing in the Hudson river. Very neat, and the dude spent well over 200 hours making the videos.

class and humility

Thank you former President George W Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush: “Oh, how we RAILED against Bush in 2000…and how we RAILED against the surge in support Bush received post-9/11 when he went to Ground Zero and stood there with his bullhorn in the ruins on that hideous day. We were convinced that [Continue]

14 victims

Why is it that the media is reporting the victims of the Fort Hood shooter as 13 people? One of the murdered ladies, Pvt. Francheska Velez, was pregnant. And her child died, so why does that not make the total count 14? Sloppy reporting? Or something else?

happy Veteran ‘s Day!

Originally called Armistice Day, to celebrate veterans of WWI, later called Veteran’s Day to celebrate all Veterans of all Wars, and even though who served in peace time. Whatever you call it, as long as you don’t call it Obama Day, Happy Veteran’s Day!

dyeing molle II gear

USGI issue MOLLE FLC (fighting load carrier) Vest Review. 56k suicide UPDATED pretty good review of the DCU FLC, plus later on in the discussion people show pictures of ones they have dyed darker colors. I painted my Surplus molle vest od green also has pictures and recipes of people dyeing their molle II gear, [Continue]