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errr, I mean wii Polk undercover drug investigators play Wii during raid “With guns drawn and flashlights cutting through darkened rooms, Polk County undercover drug investigators stormed the home of convicted drug dealer Michael Difalco near Lakeland in March. As investigators searched the home for drugs, some drug task force members found other ways to [Continue]

the wheel turns!

Chapter One from the next Wheel of Time book is out now. You can go to to read it, or if that is not working for somereason, I copied it below.


Filled up the tank this morning, and I figured that the last tank I got 29.22 miles per gallon! That is almost three times better than the gas mileage I was getting in my pickup! Whoo!

slight change

Looks like my last day is next Wednesday, the end of our pay cycle. I will get paid for the whole cycle, and I will get paid for the vacation days that I have not used, which is all of them. So far I had just taken off a few days, and they were left [Continue]

i’m unemployed!

So round about 4:30pm today the Bear comes into my office and let’s me know that tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday will be my last day, that I am being laid off. The uncertainty is because he is not sure how much money they have and if he can afford to pay me more than for [Continue]

sig-sauer’s cash for klunkers program

“SIG SAUER – Gives you $200 “CASH For your KLUNKER* Handgun” Purchase a new SIG SAUER® P220®, P226®, P229®, 1911, SIG556 pistol, or SIG556 rifle from your dealer’s inventory from September 7th through November 30th, 2009, and SIG SAUER will give you $200.00 for your old KLUNKER* pistol or revolver. To receive your $200.00 payment, [Continue]

cops kill pastor

Surveillance Video Shows Moments Before Shooting Some cops are getting ready to bust a chick for selling drugs. She’s in a car driven by a pastor at a local church. She gets out, the cops follow the car. Why? Why not go after the girl they were after? Anyway, the pastor goes to the gas [Continue]