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teacher who does not know shit

Seriously? How can people this mis-informed be teachers? Shouldn’t they value learning, and trying to understand both sides and all that? Or is that just when you agree with the other side? Ugh, and this jackass is taking students down to the capital to lobby for more laws and does not understand anything about the [Continue]

sunlight before signing

The Promise That Keeps on Breaking: “President Obama promised on the campaign trail that he would have the most transparent administration in history. As part of this commitment, he said that the public would have five days to look online and find out what was in the bills that came to his desk before he [Continue]

proponents of gun control shooting blanks

Proponents of gun control shooting blanks: “Every so often I find myself stepping into the minefield that is public discussion of guns, gun violence, gun control and how these things relate to the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Because of misleading public statements by the president of the United States and his secretary of state, [Continue]

anti-gun-show bill analysis

Holy Crap! Lautenberg’s Gun Show Language: “The language is now available Thomas for Lautenberg’s gun show bill. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t target private sales in general, but targets only gun shows. In my opinion, it is intended to destroy gun shows, or at least seriously reduce their numbers, and frustrate being able to [Continue]

billions and billions of rounds of ammo

Law abiding US citizens bought on average 3,177,256 guns every 3 months in 2008. In just 3 months Americans bought enough guns to outfit the entire Chinese and Indian army’s combined.: “You also bought 1,529,635,000 rounds of ammunition in just the month of December 2008. Yeah that is right, that is Billion with a “B”. [Continue]

historical quote of the day

“He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.” Can anyone here name the document?


“It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.” – G.K. Chesterton What’s wrong with the world By Gilbert Keith Chesterton is readable in full (or downloadable) at Googlebooks


“Government tends to wield the huge blunt axe of the law in situations that require the delicate scalpel of common sense.” – Sir Terry Pratchett

papercraft wing commander ships

Paper Commander “This space offers replicas in paper of the ships of the great saga Wing Commander, this great game of space combat that it revolutionized the world of the games, with their innovative ideas and attractive history. The models that they are offered here for download, healthy relatively simple of they be built and [Continue]

harder better faster stronger

First there was this: And do watch it, it gets better than just a dudes hands moving vaguely to the beat. Then in response to that, two chicks did this: Ah, isn’t teh internets great!

letter of marque, please

“ Quinn told CNN that the pirates were armed with AK-47 assault rifles. The ship’s crew carried no weapons. … It is common for the crews of merchant vessels to travel through the area unarmed, despite the risk of pirate attacks, experts have said. An armed crew could provoke a firefight that would endanger the [Continue]