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note to self

Sarco 1911 Raw? Casting Slide & Frame, C45225 $36.95, 10/$345 1911 “Builder’s Kit”, C45095 $125, 3/$349.50 AR15 dual front sight tool, AR175 $5.95, 3/$14.95 4 pocket bandoleer set, AR261 4/$15, 10/$30 Edited to add: BHP007 Browning Hi-power, Barrel (Good) $50.00

barry’s name update

I recently heard from Glenda: “we can’t decide. so far we have hudson brady, tristan kale, william hudson, tristan alexander or joshua caeden” So what should it be? (not that this is scientific or binding or anything, just curious) [poll=5]

slumdog coraline

Saw Taken last week, think I mentioned it here, it was good. Then I saw Gran Tourino, the Clint Eastwood movie. Damn good film. Last weekend I saw Coraline with Wessika, another good movie, even better in 3d. And then yesterday went and saw Slumdog Millionaire. Wow! I was not expecting it to be so [Continue]

wonder if he got to keep the van?

Wash. burglary victim outwits thieves, steals van “Patrick Rosario had a clever way of making sure a pair of burglars didn’t get away with his three flat-screen TVs: He stole their van. The 32-year-old, laid-off Washington Mutual manager was in the basement of his Bellevue home Tuesday afternoon when he heard the thieves upstairs. He [Continue]

growing up in a risk averse society

No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society “No Fear joins the increasingly vigorous debate about the role and nature of childhood in the UK. Over the past 30 years activities that previous generations of children enjoyed without a second thought have been relabelled as troubling or dangerous, and the adults who permit them [Continue]

neat firearm mounted video camera

ATC Wireless digital video and audio Camera “ * Waterproof up to 3 meters and shock resistant for extreme conditions. * Mount included for RIS/RAS interface system or weaver style mount. our product * 640X480 VGA resolution at 30 frames per second. * Both USB and RCA cables are included for easy playback on a [Continue]

gandalf23 fixes the government, part 12

I am ordinarily against saying “We need a law…!” But I would like to see one added that would: Require all bills to be read out loud, word for word, in each chamber of Congress respectively, by the chairman of the committee that approved it or one of the bill’s authors, before that chamber can [Continue]

anyone need a free house?

Slight asbestos problem, but hey, it’s free. Saw this on craigslist: “FREE HOUSE (Stephenville, TX) Reply to: Date: 2009-02-04, 5:48PM CST You can have it for FREE if you move it off its current lot. Large pier & beam home with spacious front rooms and large front windows. Would be excellent for a farm [Continue]

30 days: gun nation

30 Days: Gun Nation is actually pretty good. If you have about 45 minutes to spare, take a look. ““30 Days” took aim at the issue of gun control, taking a gun control advocate and making her live with a gun-loving family. Host Morgan Spurlock said almost 60 million Americans own guns, making the country [Continue]

the only ones lying enough

“At home in St. Mary’s, Murphy dialed the cellphone of his second-in-command, now standing on the mayor’s front lawn. Murphy’s officer handed the phone to a Prince George’s narcotics investigator, Det. Sgt. David Martini. This is how Murphy later recalled their conversation: “Martini tells me that when the SWAT team came to the door, the [Continue]

change we can believe in

Every sitting and living former member of both houses of Congress and every current and living former President and cabinet member should be subjected to an IRS audit of their last five year’s tax returns. Any penalties and interest charges should be doubled for them, since they were in a position of public trust. Let’s [Continue]

rifle raffle

F-Class Rifle raffle, benefiting the US F-class Rifle Team “John Sigler, President of NRA and an avid shooter, shot this rifle built and donated by Surgeon Rifles at the US F-Class Nationals at Lodi on October 2008. The beautiful F-Class rifle was donated to the US F-Class Rifle Team and is being used to raise [Continue]

gerber shard

If anyone is headed to the 25th Anniversary Elk Camp & Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Expo, March 5-8 at the Fort Worth Convention Center, if you don’t mind would you stop by the Gerber Knives booth and grab me a Gerber Shard? It looks like this: Gerber is only giving them out as a promotional [Continue]

$250 device can read and clone US passports

“Ethical hacker Chris Paget demonstrates a low-cost mobile device that surreptitiously reads and clones RFID tags embedded in United States passport cards and enhanced drivers’ licenses. For full story, see The Register article at:” “During a recent 20-minute drive in downtown San Francisco, it successfully copied the RFID tags of two passport cards without [Continue]