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So I just wrote the last check for my student loan. Yay! This was the second payment of this month, and all together I paid them $9,072.38 this month! Hence the ouch! But now it’s done. D O N E. Done! Of course now I m wiped clean, no savings left to speak of, but [Continue]

free range kids

Free Range Kids “Do you ever… ..let your kid ride a bike to the library? Walk alone to school? Take a bus, solo? Or are you thinking about it? If so, you are raising a Free Range Kid! At Free Range, we believe in safe kids. We believe in helmets, car seats and safety belts. [Continue]

argh! work sucks sometimes

Arggh! Waiting on parts then have to drive said parts allll the way up to Fairview, Oklahoma. Then install said parts, which may take a while, then head back down. It’s a 6 hour trip each way, so since it’s noon already that put me back after midnight. Hell, I may end up having to [Continue]

backpack on craigslist

Saw a pretty good backpack on craigslist today, $10 for a Kelty Tioga or Super Tioga (can’t tell which from the pictures, and either way it’s a $100+ pack) is a pretty good deal, if anyone is looking for a backpack. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of mine, and never had any problems with it.

inexpensive airpistols

Tech Force® S2-1 Air Pistol on sale for $10. IZH-53 for $55 “This air pistol is a great value! Features; .177 caliber, rifled barrel, barrel break cocking, adjustable rear sight, ergonomically designed stock for both right and left hand shooter; collapsible front sight; anti bear trap cocking mechanism, length 16”; barrel length 8.8”; 2.4 lbs [Continue]

Christmas booty!

Got some phat loots for Christmas: An El Paso Saddlery “Texas” gunbelt for cowboy shootin’ a gift card for a half price books gift card (y’all know that this weekend is their 20 additional % off sale, right, so the gift card goes even further then) several ornaments for a Christmas tree, including three [Continue]

gonna have a nephew!

So Glenda had an ultrasound (is that right? sounds kinds sinister or sci-fi-ish) the other day and held off on telling everyone until last night. She’s gonna have a little boy, so I’ll be getting a nephew in a few months. Apparently he’s already pretty active, he’s been kicking a lot and moving around, and [Continue]

why guns are a good thing to carry, part 141

“Dog Walker Shoots Armed Teen Robber, Police Say “A man walking his dog in Terrell on Wednesday shot and critically wounded an armed 17-year-old robber, police said. The incident happened at about 10:20 p.m. in Ben Gill Park in the 100 block of Lions Club Lane where, police said, a group of teen robbers surrounded [Continue]

wtf is up with the canuks?

What is happening in Canada “From reading the comments yesterday and today, it’s pretty obvious that there is confusion over what’s happening in Canada’s government. This is a primer for non-Canadians (and some Canadians) about this mess. If you didn’t care about this yesterday and you still don’t care about it today, know that I [Continue]

i’m ill

Sorry bout the light posting lately. Kinda sick. I think it’s mainly allergies, but my parents and a cousin, and one of the guys at the office, are all also coughing and hacking up stuff, so who knows. Finally stopped hacking up greenish stuff, so that’s good. Now my head just feels like it’s full [Continue]