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no new old guns for mike :(

Well, the gentleman with the old .22s and shotgun did not accept my offer. He thought it was waaay too low. But he had not realized how broken they were. The safety was stuck on the Winchester, apparently a common problem that causes the bolt to lock up and often causes things to break in [Continue]

house sitting

I’ll be house sitting till next Friday, so I may not be posting much as I’m not hauling my computer over there. Also they have a pretty well stocked workshop, so I may be goofing off in there a lot.

information technology vs. initiative

IT vs. initiative: The Internet age comes to the battlefield: “Commanders can no longer grab their men by the collars of their flak jackets and direct them toward an objective, because in most cases their men are out of reach and the objective is not a point on the map. They depend on their small-unit [Continue]

good heller decision summarization

A Human Right, A Civil Right: Fundamental, Pre-existing, Strictly Scrutinized, Universal, and Incorporated: “1. Incorporation: Scalia makes it clear in his majority opinion that the second amendment is a fundamental right, that must be treated the same as other fundamental rights such as the first amendment. He specifically notes it in respect to the 14th [Continue]

barack me obamadeus!

Thought of a new t-shirt idea: On the front: Barack Me Obamadeus! Then on the back: Oh-Oh-Oh Obamadeus! Also thinking of a picture of Obi Wan Kenobi on the front, with BHO’s face grafted on, and the text: “Help us, Obi Bama Kenobi, you’re our only hope!” Might as well help take the money away [Continue]

free e-book

Battlestar Galactica by Jeffrey A. Carver. It’s a .pdf. It’s the novelization of the new Battlestar Galactica miniseries, I think. “For forty years, the Twelve Colonies of Man experienced peace, united since the war against the man-made Cylons. The Cylons, mechanical beings created to perform the manual labor civilization required, were gone forever…or so humanity [Continue]

the baby borrowers

Seriously, I’m busy as hell today, and sadly probably will be until at least the 10th, if not longer. Ugh. Fucking work. But, but! I just had to mention how frikin’ awesome the show The Baby Borrowers is. Go watch it now, or later on this evening, I think it’s viewable on NBC’s website. If [Continue]

heller decision

The Supreme Court released their decision in the Heller case, the one about the Washington DC handgun ban. We won. That is, the correct reading of the second amendment won, 5-4. Yeah, the four communist judges voted against it, but what did you expect? Lots to read (it’s a 150 page decision!)and not any time [Continue]

reason to homeschool number 1029

“Kim Sweet, executive director of nonprofit group Advocates for Children, noted her group often gets calls from parents hit with false charges and said, “When schools are frustrated with a problem, they reach for educational neglect even though they know it’s not really the right option.”” SCHOOL REPORTS MOM AS ‘ABUSER’: “Bronx HS of Science [Continue]

even more terrain stuff

Stopped by the Dollar Tree to get some more supplies. Man, I love that there is one right around the corner from the office. Got a four pack of wooden spoons, two clear plastic measuring cups (one quart size), some more super glue, some tape, a three pack of plastic cups (to use as dipper [Continue]

bear vs. trampoline

This is why the internets was invented: Animal videos Now why can’t UC Berkley do something like this to get the protesters out of the trees? They’ve been up there for 18 months! I’d pay good money to be the tranq gun operator. Heck they could raffle that position off and make money!

neat looking sink

What a cool looking sink! (Never thought I’d say that) “Introducing new concrete washbasin shaped as a fossil, the Ammonite washbasin from HighTech. Inspired by the archaic beauty of ammonites, this unique design showcases the organic qualities of concrete. The washbasin can be produced in widths between 90 cm and 330 cm with a standard [Continue]

new rifles, a shotgun, and a blackpowder pistol

I might be getting two “new” .22 rifles and a 12 gauge single shot shotgun. Oh, and a blackpowder derringer. A friend of the family’s cousin is old and getting rid of his stuff. The rifles are in bad shape: they’re pretty rusty, but I think I can sand the rust off and if not [Continue]

more terrain building stuff

Made my first form for making plaster cast pieces. Finally used some of the GE Silicone I got. As far as I can tell it seems to be ok after sitting around for a year. Still needs to dry for a bit longer, I think. This mold will let me cast two middle eastern buildings, [Continue]

make Texas an open-carry state! Thousands sign petition to make Texas an open-carry state “If Duane Suddeth had his way, he could strap on a handgun and wear it — anytime, anywhere — without concealing it. That day has not come in Texas, but the 42-year-old Bedford man is among thousands hoping it is on its way. “This is [Continue]


“Engineering is very different from physics. A good physicist is a man with new ideas. A good engineer is a man who makes something that works with as few new ideas as possible.” – Freeman Dyson


Saw prieviews for: Hancoock, looks good, but the trailer is too detailed. Hellboy 2, will go see that, liked the first one, and the comic Star Wars: The Clone Wars, generated movie that looks absolutely bad ass and the damn trailer was better than all three of the “prequel” movies. Will go see it [Continue]