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I can not believe this. 8.5%???????? What. The. Fuck?! Surely it did not go through all my archives. Maybe…maybe it just pulled the stuff that’s on the front page right now, the stuff lately has been kinda tame and curse free. Maybe. But still…I feel like less of a man now. I wonder if this [Continue]

passover coke

I had no idea, but Jews can not eat or drink things made from corn during Passover, so in communities with large Jewish populations, Coke and Pepsi (?) produce Kosher for Passover versions of their products made with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Of course, Dublin Dr. Peppers are made that way [Continue]

district convention after action report

I’ll be updating this throughout the day as time permits and I think of stuff. I went to the Senate District 12 democratic party convention Saturday. I was there from 9am till after 9pm. It was supposed to start at 10:30, registration beginning at 8, but the last person was not registered until 3:45pm! Funny [Continue]

there has to be a better way

This guy is in my parent’s Sunday School class: “There has to be a better way! David Perkins, Chair, Precinct 4540, SD 12 I know it’s Democracy and I know that Democracy is messy and I know that sacrifices have to be made, BUT! I spent from 7am Saturday until about 9:15pm or so taking [Continue]


Smile you’re on ele-vision: How a camera attached to an elephant’s trunk captured amazing jungle views: “He fixed webcams to four elephants. One carried a “trunk-cam” – a device resembling a huge log concealing a camera which could be held in its trunk and dangled close to the ground. Another had a “tusk-cam” hooked over [Continue]

google maps is the best

A Drug Deal Caught From Every Angle: “For the “streetview” feature of Google Maps, the search engine’s agents tour around city neighborhoods in a discreet van. Sometimes they catch more than just identifiable landmarks. Here, on a notorious drug trafficking corner on the South Side of Chicago, Google shows what looks very much like a [Continue]

more micro-cannon goodness

The guys and gals from Seacoast Artillery show how to make a nano-cannon. Very cool! I think I will try to make one this weekend. Let’s see…if it works I’ll need to make one for little Michael, one for the new Spurlock, one for the as-yet-un-named Flaa, one for Jake and for Joey. Probably should [Continue]

fun with maleable minds

I’m not supposed to teach little Michael how to point his finger and bend his thumb while making “Pew Pew Pew” noises. According to Jessika, anyway. “Because he is doing it all the time and that’s bad!” or something like that. She got real pissed. Oh well. What’s funny is I didn’t see little Michael [Continue]

map of sass clubs in Texas

Single Action Shooting Society clubs in Texas View Larger Map “SASS Blue: First Red: Second Green: Third Teal: Fourth Dot: Sat or Sun only No Dot: Sat and Sun Tack: Shoot two weekends“

happy fair-to-middlin’ saturday!

Happy Fair-to-Middlin’ Saturday! Since the Saturday before Easter does not have it’s own name, I propose Fair-to-Middlin’ Saturday. Since Friday is Good, and even Thursday gets in on the act and is Maundy.

weird dream

Last night I had an odd dream. It was set during World War II. There were guerrillas and homemade shotguns and also elves. I am pretty sure there was also throwing of grenades and then shooting at them like skeet to make them go further. I swear, at the time it made sense, and when [Continue]

the littlest soldier

Small soldier gets his wish: “FORT HOOD – Five-year-old Gaven Cox was given one wish to do anything he wanted. Instead of asking to go to Sea World or to meet Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Gaven modestly asked for some McDonald’s food. The child’s parents laughed and told him to make another choice. “He told [Continue]