Monthly Archives: January 2008

lead smelting

Smelting how-to I have mentioned that if you have a supply of lead you should give it to me, right? Or if you live near a place that deals in tires you should check and see if they are just throwing out the lead wheel weights, and if so see if you can collect them [Continue]

good thing to do the day your retire

New Jersey Cop Tickets Fellow Officers on Last Day on Job “MIDDLETOWN, N.J. — Instead of collecting parting handshakes and a gold watch, a New Jersey police officer spent his last day on the force writing out tickets for 14 patrol cars with expired inspection stickers, the Asbury Park Press reported Monday Cpl. Frank Holden [Continue]

jazz music in a church?!

Went to a neat program up at AHUMC last night. Eugene something. He’s a ordained minister who also plays jazz, and he talked and played the piano and it was veryvery enjoyable. Even my dad liked it! Good food, good fellowship (we sat with the Smiths and Raul) , and good music. Very nice. And [Continue]

i am clumsy

Ugh. Saturday night I had a bit of an altercation. With a curb. Tripped while walking from the parking lot to the restaurant. Which is normal, but my hands were in my pockets and I couldn’t get them out. So I’m trying to run out of the trip, while flapping my arms trying to get [Continue]

cnc stuff

TriAngles 3d Scanner seems like a neat thing to have to reverse engineer parts. Not sure how well it’d work, or how large a part it could scan. Their website pretty much sucks. But a neat idea. This guy used his small cnc mill to build an miniature AR15 lower receiver. Kinda neat. Would make [Continue]


May have a small side job setting up PCs for Dexter. Not the serial killer on Showtime, but the guy from Hastings. Up to 10 PCs, for $750. Probably should’ve tried for more money, would’ve been awesome if I could’ve gotten $1700, but I figured if I was too high he’d just go elsewhere. I [Continue]

cnc mill!

Looks like Dad may be getting a CNC Mill. A refurbished Bridgeport. Veryvery cool! It weighs twice what the manual Bridgeport we have now weighs, but is roughly the same size otherwise. So it’s big. And heavy. And, and this is one of the coolest parts, we may be able to trade for it! We [Continue]

why the gun safety rules are important!

Negligent Discharge “I had a negligent discharge of my pistol. It’s a Rock Island full size 1911. .45 ACP loaded with Federal Hydro Shok ammunition. This round utilizes a 230 grain jacketed hollow point bullet. This is a very good self defense round, because the bullets expand as they pass through material like animals and [Continue]


“The biggest problem with the GOP is that they’re giving us John McCain, when who we wanted is John McClane.“-Aesop Mysleeve

new (to me) shotgun!

Picked up my 1897 Winchester clone shotgun yesterday. It’s very nice. I like it. The action is pretty slick. Empty shells (snap caps anyway) drop at my feet. Seems like a good gun. Can’t wait to try it out. Also, the FFL I used was quick and professional, and only charged $10! And he’s located [Continue]

why my 1875 remington keeps getting a burr…

I filed off the bur, but then it came back. Couldn’t figure it out, figured I must’ve just not quite filed it down enough. Well, now I just read this over on the SASS Wire: “As you have found out your guns don’t like being dry fired. It sounds like the firing pins are a [Continue]


MLOS Cannon Challenge Neat little flash game featuring the Army’s new Non-Line Of Sight Cannon. My score was 174,000 and change. Got through all 15 levels. The helicopters were fun, and the ICBM silos were tricky, as when they are closed they are un-destroyable. I hear (ha!) that it is cooler with sound, as you [Continue]

truck update

Seems that the truck developed a new problem yesterday, or at least in the past few days. The hose that it going down into the engine block from the radiator is loose/comes loose and dumps water all over the distributor cap. A wet distributor is bad, as they tend to not work when wet. Also, [Continue]


So the wireless router is on the fritz at the casa. Which mean not internet for me. Blech. But it might not _be_ the router, might be something else, and it’s proving to be a royal pain in the ass to troubleshoot, let alone fix. Even bought a replacement router, but apparently Netgear has decided [Continue]