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Went to the gun show at the Will Rogers center with Dean, we ended up selling and or trading everything we took. So, for now, no more guns to be selling. Dean got a Western Arms Longhorn, a Colt 1873 clone in .357.

cross a few items off the list

Today was semi-productive. Got the bowling alley cut up and trimmed. It’s clamped up and gluing even as I type this. It’s too cold outside for gluing, so it’s on the kitchen counter. I’ll need to plane the top a bit to get it nice and flat, but it seems like it’ll work. Also will [Continue]

aliens vs. predator requiem

Go see it. Saw it today with Rick and Todd and Adam. Holy cow it was awesome! From the beginning, there was death and dismemberment and blood. Oh dear God was there blood. Human blood, Alien acid blood, and Predator green glow in the dark blood. Veryvery cool. The very end was a little “huh?” [Continue]

late santa delivery

So we got a little bonus check this year, and after trying to figure out what to do with it, I figured I better not just blow it, so this is going to be coming my way in a week or so. “Norinco 97 12 gauge. One of Nate Kiawa Jones guns. Slick and match [Continue]

christmas booty II

So Santa came over to the parent’s casa last night. Went over there about 11:30 and had brunch with them and Glenda & Dean. And lo, what to our eyes should appear? But more loot! This time from Santa! (my mom really likes to give presents) I got three different Star Wars themed ornaments, each [Continue]

christmas booty

Christmas Loot: Cool Confederate Cavalry slouch hat from Glenda & Dean! Yee-Haw! Bedspread & sheets from Mom & Dad, 200 count! A sea captain nutcracker from Bonnie & Gary A Battlestar Galactica calendar from Michele Some hershey’s mint candies from Ron & Marion A Half Price Books gift card from Aunt Nancy & Uncle Paul [Continue]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone. We traditionally do Christmas on Christmas Eve, so I’ll probably not be posting anything till the day after Christmas. We were going to do Christmas at Glenda & Dean’s this year, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it’ll be over at my aunt’s casa. Should be a good crowd, I think Aunt Nancy [Continue]

spam comment of the week

“Mammy, for a towel wrapped around a couple ofinches. Out candice michelle naked then we look at helen.” I have no idea what this one is trying to say. Wow. What awesome advertising! The phrase “candice michelle” is a link to somewhere in Italy, but I’m not about to follow it, nor will I repeat [Continue]

indian wars II: the reckoning

Lakota Indians Withdraw Treaties Signed With U.S. 150 Years Ago “The Lakota Indians, who gave the world legendary warriors Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, have withdrawn from treaties with the United States. “We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our [Continue]

bah humbug

Just so everyone knows, I’m not doing wrapping paper this year. Everyone’s gift is arriving in a Chipotle carryout bag. The handles may be zip tied together so that you can rip a part the bag in an imitation of wrapping paper destruction. It’s nothing personal, I don’t hate you all, that’s not why I’m [Continue]


“What’s cool about The Hobbit? Smaug. Lake-wood. The Battle of the Five Armies. Giant Eagles beating on goblins. A commando-team of deposed dwarves so pissed off at a dragon that they hire a frikkin’ hobbit and his pet wizard to complete “Team Ownage.” – Kresh

follow the yellow brick road

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it appears that we have midgets guarding our southern border. Or perhaps a crack unit of giants. I’m not quite sure which. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s proof: Either the guy on the right is normal sized and the guy on the left is a midget, or the [Continue]

rossi 92

How to disassemble and slick up the action on a Rossi 92 Winchester 1892 clone (which is what I have). Breaking the Shot, A CAS Shooters Practice Guide Tips on CAS shooting

christmas presents!

UPS’d the little Conn cousin’s Christmas presents today. They’re all getting books. Jake is getting a book on how guns work and the book “Men, Ships and the Sea” which looks pretty cool, I may have to head back to half price books and pick up a copy for me. Joey is getting a book [Continue]

christmas plan update

Well, Adam & Tab are not coming to Christmas, so I don’t have to worry about taking them shooting now. So that’s one less thing to do on my Christmas Vacation. Uncle Fred can go shooting anytime, so we can wait till the spring and some nice weather.

santastic III

possible playlist for Santastic III: The Revenge of Claus!: 01) The Office – Countdown 02) DJ Riko featuring Marcie – My Chimney 03) Death Cab for Cutie – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 04) DJ John – Lonely Siberian Winter 05) Kylie Minogue – Santa Baby 06) Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas 07) The [Continue]

duno what to get glenda

Still don’t know what to get Glenda for Christmas. Kinda running out of time to order something online. For sure she’ll get a copy of Santastic III: The Revenge of Claus! (my Christmas themed CD this year) but what else? Her list: Black skirt size 8 Sweaters size Medium Gift certificates for: massage, pedicure, eating [Continue]