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site maintenance

Added a youtube video thing over on the right. It should be weighted towards firearm related videos, and anything featuring Chewbacca. I guess y’all noticed that it messes up the page layout, gonna try and fix that if I can figure out how to change the widths of the columns. I want to make the [Continue]

free book

Rainbows End (it’s legal, the author put it up there) from the Wikipedia entry: “The novel introduces us to Robert Gu, a man slowly recovering from Alzheimer’s disease thanks to advances in medical technology. As his faculties return, Robert (who always has been slightly technophobic) must adapt to a very different world, where almost every [Continue]

1871 swiss verterlii rifle bolt needed

If anyone has one lying around, I’m looking for a bolt for a 1871 model Swiss Veterlii rifle. It’s Tab’s rifle, still in the original and impossible to find ammo for caliber of .41 rimfire. If I find another bolt, though, then I can convert it to fire something that’s centerfire which is reloadable and [Continue]


“The dogma of multiculturalism holds that all cultures are equal, except Western culture, which (unlike every other society on the planet) has a history of oppression and war is therefore worse. All religions are equal, except Christianity, which informed the beliefs of the capitalist bloodsuckers who founded America and is therefore worse. All races are [Continue]

machine gun rental

Saw these guys at the gun show this weekend. L&L Machine Guns (918) 798-6649 no website! grrr. $100 setup fee. If I go by myself, I pay that. If 10 (or any number) of us go up together, we all split that price. $25 for the first magazine, $15 for each magazine after, does not [Continue]

spam subject line of the week

“Beat her womb with your new big rod, so that she knew who wears the pants!” Wow. What to say about this one. First off, everything is spelled correctly, so that’s odd. Although some grammar is wrong with “knew” instead of “knows”. Not past tense, present tense. Secondly, “beat her womb”? Wow, never would’ve thought [Continue]

shotgun gunfighting

This is from Gabe Suarez,of Suarez International, SHOTGUN GUNFIGHTING: “ I was asked by a number of readers to update them about the shotgun. They were asking about lights and magazine extensions and other attachments. Let me begin by saying that I have used these fine implements against live fighting adversaries several times. Moreover, I [Continue]

need a ffl

Well the guy I’ve been using for several years for all my gun ordering goodness has moved to East Texas. Great. Now I’ve got to find a new one, and one of the nice things about Randy was that his tastes in guns were similar to mine so I never got any shit for ordering [Continue]

homemade spitfire

Holy crap this is cool!!! “One of my best friends decided he wanted a Spitfire – so he built one!! This is an actual 100% full scale Spitfire built from plans. The internal fuselage is constructed of a 2.5″ chrome moly tube “birdcage”. The exterior fuselage is bulkhead formers bolted to the birdcage and then [Continue]

national ammo day

Just a reminder, this is National Ammo Week, and tomorrow is National Ammo Day, the day we’re all supposed to go out and buy at least 100 rounds of ammo. I got a jump start and got 100 rounds today while I was at Cabellas. Also got to fondle some Cowboy pistols and rifles, and [Continue]

we feel it is necessary to take a stand against irresponsible legislation designed solely to inhibit the American citizen’s right to keep arms

STI is a maker of fairly expensive, but veryvery nice, 1911 style pistols, mainly for competitions. I shot a 9mm one once, it was sweet. It also cost a little over $2000. They’re located in Texas, I think they used to be in Irving but now they’re in Georgetown. Anyway, they’ve decided not to sale [Continue]


Sorry I got nothing done this weekend, y’all. I know several of you emailed me for pictures of various stuff. Worked till midnight Friday, then from 8 to after midnight Saturday to finish this project for a client who is in Russia. Decompressed today by napping and did some gathering up of stuff, got the [Continue]

happy veteran’s day!

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 was when World War One was ended. We celebrate this day by giving thanks to all our veterans of all our wars. Thanks for your sacrifices!