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happy halloween!

Happy Halloween! I was going to answer the door with road flares taped to my shirt along with bits of wire and a cool looking egg timer and a “deadman” switch in my hand while shouting Allah Akbar! (Had I thought of it sooner, I’d have had the guys at the office help me rig [Continue]

quote of the day

“Intellectuals think Marxists would make good leaders. Marxists think intellectuals would make good fertilizer.” – ButchS1066

wish list

Last Updated: 17 December 2007 Mom and Glenda were both asking for ideas, so…. This will be added to the stuff on the right, but for right this second I’ll just stick it here: Yes, I know it’s long and there’s lots of crap in there, but it’s all I have right now. I may [Continue]

the casa

Work continued this weekend on the casa. The windows were framed and we started working on the Holiday Mantle. There will be at least two mantles for the fireplace, the normal one for everyday use, that will be made from a very nice piece of mesquite, and a holiday mantle made from walnut. That way [Continue]

shooting at the farm

Went to the Farm on Saturday with Dean and Dad. Had a good time. We shot pistols, and Dean’s AR15 and M1 Carbine. Pretty fun. Taking pictures of yourself shooting and then looking at them afterwards really helps get you focused on what you’re doing wrong. Bend the knees, lean forward instead of back, and [Continue]

slacker radio

Slacker Radio is very cool. You can listen to radio stations of all kinds of genres, or create your own station. You can’t pick out individual songs, just the artist/band. I have created Mike’s BadAss Radio Station, which is chock full of 80s goodness like Adam Ant, Wang Chung, Bananarama, Kajagoogoo, Peter Gabriel, U2 , [Continue]

bison statue damaged

How did the buffalo statue get damaged? Ummm…better look, ’cause you will not believe this. “There was some damage to the statue of the American Bison in front of the house in Big Sky. There was an attempt to prevent the damage. Throwing stones at, and hitting, the attacker. The attacker could not be dissuaded, [Continue]

10-20-30 virus

I have written this post five times now. Every time I get close to finishing my computer locks up or the internet goes down for the day, or my browser decides to crash. We’ll see if this makes it up. Ok, it made it so here goes. Tina tagged me with this: “Quick: What were [Continue]

like rain on your wedding day

Ever since that Alannis Morrissette song, I get all confused on what is and is not ironic, but I’m pretty sure this qualifies: “He Was A Good Kid. A Really Good Kid.” “The Student Pledge Against Gun Violence is simple. It reads: “I will never bring a gun to school. “I will never use a [Continue]

media myths about the jena 6

This was in today’s (October 24th, 2007) Christian Science Monitor: Media myths about the Jena 6 A local journalist tells the story you haven’t heard. By Craig Franklin “By now, almost everyone in America has heard of Jena, La., because they’ve all heard the story of the “Jena 6.” White students hanging nooses barely punished, [Continue]

dream nightmare act to be voted on today

Here’s a nice index of the various congressman’s contact info Please contact your senators and have them vote NO to amnesty. In Texas we have: Cornyn, John TX (R) 972-239-1310 5005 LBJ Freeway Dallas, TX 75244 202-224-2934 SH – 517 Washington, DC 20510 713-572-3337 5300 Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77007 956-423-0162 222 East Van Buren [Continue]

monkey fight!

Monkeys attack Delhi politician “The deputy mayor of the Indian capital Delhi has died a day after being attacked by a horde of wild monkeys. SS Bajwa suffered serious head injuries when he fell from the first-floor terrace of his home on Saturday morning trying to fight off the monkeys. The city has long struggled [Continue]

dude gets caught cheating in online poker

Be careful out there playing online poker, looks like at least one company, Absolute Poker, is helping dudes cheat. Or their ex-owner, or a current employee, or something. Still, better safe than sorry, and go to Shreveport or the Indian casinos in Oklahoma and gamble in person. Or find a legitimate online poker place, although [Continue]

prank call almost gets a guy shot

Mukilteo man held in alleged hacking incident “A Mukilteo man has been arrested on charges of hacking into a telephone network to trick 911 dispatchers in Southern California into sending a SWAT team to the home of a randomly selected Lake Forest, Calif., family, authorities announced Tuesday. Randal T. Ellis, 19, allegedly impersonated a caller [Continue]

tsa screeners: here, please take this “fake” bomb through security please, seriously, we’re from the government so it’s ok. honest. alah akbar! oh, excuse me, there was something in my throat…

Saw over at Bruce Schneier’s site this article about the TSA’s new report on airport security: “New TSA Report A classified 2006 TSA report on airport security has been leaked to USA Today. (Other papers are covering the story, but their articles seem to be all derived from the original USA Today article.) There’s good [Continue]

i’m doing science and i’m still alive

Lyrics to the song at the end of Portal, where the insane computer is singing to the player: “This was a triumph I’m making a note here HUGE SUCCESS It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction Aperture Science we do what we must because we can for the good of all of us except the ones [Continue]