Monthly Archives: July 2007

robin hood of gun buy back

Robin Hood of the Gun Buy Back “Guns were getting really heavy. I put them down. Whew! Finally, after the 70-year-old man ahead of me has a pump action bird gun and a single-shot break-open shottie checked, it’s my turn. I hand the bag with the sawed-off rifle and a pistol or two in it [Continue]

missing a little white dog?

We found a stray Sunday night. No pictures yet. Thought he was the neighbors, but they’d just been playing with him all day, and when they got tired they just went inside and left the dog to his own devices. So walked around a bit knocking on door trying to find his owner. No luck. [Continue]


“Every fighter I have that flies right now has a targeting pod on it. That targeting pod allows our pilots to sit and stare to the point where — in coordination with our ground soldiers whether conventional or unconventional — our pilots are able to talk directly to them and tell them what he is [Continue]

reloading stuff

Picked up some reloading stuff today. Adam’s wife Tab’s great granddad is in the hospital, I think he has been for a while, and the family was cleaning out his casa. They had a garage sale today so I went over there to buy the reloading stuff, Adam had mentioned he saw some when he [Continue]


I knew OZ was full of shit. There’s no magical revenge rapes, no shivving guys on the first day in prison. No branding of initials/names/white power slogans on your bitch’s ass. And definitely no beating dudes senseless with large cans of vegetables or soup and then violently ass raping them on the kitchen table. It’s [Continue]


“Republicans believe every day is the 4th of July. Democrats believe every day is April 15th.” – Ronald Reagan


Nasty neighbors who literally raise a stink “But the Nuisance Grand Prix should definitely go to a gentleman in his 50s in Tokyo’s Nakano Ward whose abode is described as funnyo yashiki (a house of human waste). Almost daily the man — referred to by local teens as unko-oyaji (crapman), as his name was kept [Continue]

a century of heinlein

Shoot. I missed the 100th birthday of Robert Heinlein. It was two Saturdays ago, July seventh. From Mostly Cajun: “On this date in 1907 Robert Anson Heinlein was born. He’s categorized as a science fiction writer, but if you’re looking for rayguns and spaceships, Heinlein is not what you read. You read Heinlein for people [Continue]

another bow

If one bow is good, then two must be even better, right? So I saw on Craigslist last night that this guy was selling a bow, pretty good one, and he only wanted $90 for it and 12 arrows (and 12 target points and 8 broad head points and a nicer glove than what I [Continue]