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hexagonal tiles

Found some 2 inch hexagonal tiles at Home Depot the other day. 2 Inch hexes are what Axis & Allies miniatures use. It was $27.50 for roughly 12 square feet. I think the table over at Glenda & Dean’s is 18 square feet. Think we can also use the hexes for the Lord of the [Continue]

concealment is not cover!

This is kinda neat. A video done by the Marines called “Concealment does NOT equal Cover”. I noticed that the .308 (7.62x54mm) caliber weapons had _no_ problems penetrating the wood, brick, cinder block or plate glass. Or the kevlar helmets and frag vests, for that matter. So why is it that we still use .223 [Continue]

quote of the day

“Since the National Firearms Act was signed into law in 1934, the number of gun control laws at all levels of government have multiplied exponentially. So has the overall crime rate, which some argue is a direct result of gun control laws that discourage self-defense. Although none of these laws reduced crime, each new law [Continue]

qotd II

“The most telling fact in all of this is that any law passed in violation of the Constitution is null and void at its conception. The reason government can enforce unconstitutional laws is that it has us outgunned and is much more willing to use (force) than are we, the people. ” – Phil Lydic

trying a new comments thing

Updated my comments anti-spam thingy today. Hopefully it gets rid of most of the spam automatically. As it was up till now I have to manually go through the comments log and decide what is spam and what is not. Thankfully the spammers are lazy and most of the time there will be three or [Continue]


“On Friday evening, a gunwriter who was apparently tired of his 42-year career put his word processor in his mouth and pulled the trigger.” –Tam huh? wondering what that’s about? Tipping Point — Suicide on the Web “Jim basically committed career suicide. In short, he wrote in his blog on the Outdoor Life web site [Continue]


$50 raffle tickets for a full auto Mac 11/9, fundraiser for the Pascagoula Shooting Club in Pascagoula, Mississippi $25 raffle for a MP40, fundraiser for the Idaho Automatic Weapons Collectors Association. Not bad, for $75 you could win two machine guns! The IAWCA has raffled off Uzis, Tommyguns, and M16s before. It’s a pretty good [Continue]

the machine gun

I have been looking for a copy of George Chinn’s series of books titled The Machine Gun for several years. Usually they command prices in the several hundreds, each. Col. Chinn wrote the series for the Navy, it’s the seminal work on how machine guns operate. A very cool series of books to own and [Continue]

typhoid dean!

Last time I was sick, a few weeks ago, started after I picked Dean and Glenda up from the airport and then a few days later he came over and we put all their Africa pics onto a DVD. Was sick for a while. Nasty stuff, too. Then a few days ago, Saturday, I went [Continue]

M1 carbine update

“NOT ACCEPTING ORDERS AT THIS TIME !!! NEXT CARBINE EMAIL UPDATE WILL BE MARCH 23, 2007 Update – 16 February, 2007: We have started the inspection of the M1 Carbines that were recently transferred to the CMP. Because the carbines were received with the bolts removed and many are in heavy preservative, the process is [Continue]

hidden stuff

Saw this over on BoingBoing: “My grandfather is a polish-jew. In the 1920s-30s, EVERY jewish family had furniture with secret compartments – for storing valuables like jewelry and furs. At that time, jews were suffering persecution, had their homes raided, and were sometimes forced out of their homes in a few minutes. He told me [Continue]

carbine shooting with accuracy

There is an article on M1 Carbine shooting with accuracy over at the ODCMP, the people that will be, in March, selling 30,000 USGI M1 Carbines. The ones they are selling came from Italy, I hear. I hope to get one (or two depending on price-never hurts to have a spare, especially when the rifles [Continue]