Monthly Archives: September 2006

more dps fun!

Turns out that it DPS folks _are_ required to give me their names: “It does violate DPS Policy, so if you speak to one again and they won’t give you their name remind them that DPS General Manual Section 05.06.01 states “Any member of the Department of Public Safety, except when on an undercover assignment, [Continue]

dps/chl update

Well, I just managed to get through to a “Tracy” at DPS down in Austin. No last name, she said they are not allowed to give thier last names. Ask about my application, she said they are still waiting on the field investigation. And that my “60 days” started on 8/18. This is new! JaneDoe#3 [Continue]

how to: bypass keyless entry pads

Car Keypad Master Unlock “So, you know those cars with that keyless entry pad? The one under the driver’s side handle? Well, if you look closely you will see that there are really only 5 buttons, labeled “1/2”, “3/4”, “5/6”, “7/8”, “9/0”. In an effort to avoid a little confusion, I’m going to call those [Continue]

col. cooper died

Col. Jeff Cooper died yesterday. My favorite quote of his: “One bleeding-heart type asked me in a recent interview if I did not agree that ‘violence begets violence.’ I told him that it is my earnest endeavor to see that it does. I would like very much to ensure—and in some cases I have—that any [Continue]

brinkman maxfire light

Got a couple of new flashlights the other day, Brinkman Maxfires. Read a couple of tests that guys had done on the Maxfire vs the Surefire G2s. They all said the Maxfire was pretty good, and half the cost of the G2. Now the MX3 light is on my shotgun, the Surfire G2 is on [Continue]

damn state bureaucracy!

So, once again today I called down to Austin to find out wtf is going on with my CHL. This time the lady says they are waiting on my criminal background check from Erath County and Tarrant County, neither has returned it to them and they can’t process my application unless they’ve been returned. This [Continue]

what to get?

I have serval .22 rifles. Two bolt actions, the rest are semi-auto. I kinda want to find a lever action, a good pump action, and a Winchester 63, and like I said earlier the little single shot CZ was cool, might get one of those, but for the most part I’m good on .22 rifles. [Continue]

my haul

Got dad’s ammo, 1,000 .223 and 500 .45. $316 Also from Dallas Reloading got 500 .45 caliber 230 grain hardball bullets and 500 125 grain JHP .38/.357 caliber bullets. $105 Picked up 500 rounds of Aquilla SSS and 500 of the Super Collibri. $48 Got three sets of dies, 7.62x39mm, .223, and 30-06. $50 Found [Continue]