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no girlz allowed!

Saudi clerics want to restrict women praying at Mecca By Andrew Hammond “RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi clerics want to impose restrictions on women praying at Islam’s holiest shrine in Mecca, one of the few places where male and female worshippers can intermingle. But women activists in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of the religion where a [Continue]

muslims…in….space! texas!

Turning Muslim in Texas . People reverting to Islam in Texas. – Google Video Note that it says reverting. Islamic belief holds that everyone is born a muslim. So these people are not becoming muslims, they already are, they’re just reverting back to practicing muslims. While I was in Abu Dhabi I went to a [Continue]


“Uhm. Profiling works. Men over 60 are more likely to have a heart attack than anyone else; smokers are more likely to have lung cancer; young men with long hair and glazed eyes are more likely to smoke marijuana; Muslims are more likely to explode. Ignoring this is stupid.” –The Racoon

scaramouche,scaramouche will you do the fandango?

Zanizibar Muslim leader: Ban Freddie Mercury party “ZANZIBAR, Tanzania (AP) — A huge beach party to honor late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury must be stopped because the Zanzibar-born rock star was gay, a Muslim leader said Thursday. Mercury, who died of AIDS in 1991, violated Islam with his flamboyant lifestyle, said Azan Khalid of Zanzibar’s [Continue]

reloading update

We now have a Lee Challenger press, a RCBS Rockchucker press, .45ACP, .38/.357 dies, two scales, an electric powder tricker, a foster case trimmer, a chronograph, a dial caliper, case lube, three impact bullet removers, and some other stuff. Should be able to reload fairly easily with all of it. Looking for a tumbler to [Continue]

google sight seeing

google sight seeing Wandering about the globe via google earth, never leavingthe confort of your computer screen, yet finding cool stuff to see. Like ship wrecks, downed drug planes, strange ginormous triangles and the worlds largest conveyor belt.

polished ball of mud

Hikaru dorodango “Hikaru dorodango are balls of mud, molded by hand into perfect spheres, dried, and polished to an unbelievable luster. The process is simple, but the result makes it seem like alchemy. A traditional pastime among the children of Japan, the exact origin of hikaru dorodango is unknown. The tradition was dying out until [Continue]

$200 ak in ny

AKS-74U Shorty Assault Rifle “Category: AK-47 Rifles (and copies) Model: AKS-74U Shorty Assault Rifle Seller Stock #: 100 Price: $200.00 Seller: Ian. Paul H Seller Info: Return Policy: 3 Days Shipping Terms: Actual Cost (See boxes below to contact) State: NY Description: Fully operational.This assault rifle is outfitted with the PBS silent fire device and [Continue]

as I say, not as I do

John McCain Breaks McCain-Feingold Law “Hotline On Call today reports that John McCain will be raising money for Adjudant General Stan Spears in South Carolina. However the fundraiser violates the law he helped write. The invitation says that the “minimum donation requested is $100” and says nothing about the maximum. The law that McCain wrote [Continue]

happy vj day!

Operation Downfall was the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland. “Estimated casualties for Downfall Given the Japanese predilection for fanatical resistance, the fact that Japanese civilians were being encouraged to become suicide attackers, and the large number of Japanese troops to be faced, high casualties were seen to be inevitable, but nobody knew with certainty [Continue]

what bush needs to do

The current President Bush needs to repeal the 1989 ban on importation of non-sporting assault rifles. This executive order, signed by his father, prohibits bringing in semi-automatic firearms that are considered non-sporting. The problem is that “sporting” is not defined, so it’s up to the ATF to determine what is and is not sporting. I [Continue]