Monthly Archives: July 2006

next knife project

Next knife project is a leather washer/fiber spacer/wood handle for a hidden tang knife. It’s one of the kits I got from Think it’ll turn out nice. I added a small slice of what I think is cocobolo (but I’m not too sure). I think it looks nice. I dithered over the right pattern, [Continue]

my way or the hi way

Rifftrax The guy that did Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mike Nelson, is doing this. It’s kinda like MST3K. Download his podcast and listen to it while watching the movie. The first movie is the Patrick Swazye flick, Roadhouse, which seems veryvery deserving of a good MST3K-ing.

a drop of lemon curdles the bowl of milk

Commentary: Muslims must bear the grunt of their failure: by Salim Mansur “Many of our intellectuals in public life and our religious leaders in mosques remain adept in double-speak, saying contrary things in English or French and then in Arabic or Farsi or Urdu. We have made hypocrisy an art, and have spun for ourselves [Continue]

open letter to illinois gun owners

I just read this: “Earlier this month, Cook County Board member Joseph Moreno stood before the county board and called for “…house to house searches to pull every gun out of Cook County.” Moreno’s statement comes within days of Blagojevich claiming that anyone in Chicago who owns a gun is a “gang banger” and is [Continue]

no-knock warrants: gah!

I do not like no-knock warrants. There are a few times they’re alright, like for a kidnapping or some sort of hostage situation, but the vast majority of the time they’re served is not for stuff like that. The usual excuse I hear is “But the bad guys would flush/destroy the evidence if we knocked!” [Continue]


“Basically, I figure guns are like gays: They seem a lot more sinister and threatening until you get to know a few; and once you have one in the house, you can get downright defensive about them.” – Teresa Nielsen Hayden Think I’m going to email this one to Kathy Griffin

big dig

Was watching the NBC nightly news last night and they showed a clip on the Big Dig and how the ceiling tiles failed and how it looks like thousands of the suckers are poised to fail. Whooops. But I noticed that the ceiling tiles in question are purely decorative. Apparently, they didn’t want the ceiling [Continue]

house update

Not too many new pictures, but we’ve gotten a lot done since the last update. We ripped out all of the old exterior walls from the living room. Then built nice new, relatively straight, walls. Then we had to figure out where the windows and doors are going and get the framing done for [Continue]


“Joao Silva for The New York Times A sniper loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada al Sadr fires towards U.S. positions in the cemetery in Najaf, Iraq. Michele McNally: “Right there with the Mahdi army. Incredible courage.”” WTF? “Incredible courage” ??!?!?! Incredible courage would’ve been Mr. Silva beating the sniper to death with his telephoto lens [Continue]