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the apprentice

Is it just me, or do most of the people on the Apprentice not appear to have watched _any_ of the previous seasons? They keep making the same bonehead mistakes over and over again. Always take the person who came up with the bad idea into the boardroom. Never bring the guy that just rubbed [Continue]

speaking of amnesty…

If we’re going to have an amnesty for 11 or 12 million illegal immigrants, and not charge, sorry, fine them anything, why don’t we have an amnesty for machine guns which would bring in $200 a pop? Least then there’d be more money in the coffers. If there was an amnesty, I personally would willingly, [Continue]


Holy crap! The ATF has redefined “making a firearm” to mean not “making or providing the controlled, or serial-numbered, part” but “making any substantive changes to a firearm.” When you make a firearm you owe a 11% excise tax. As always, it boils down to money. They’ve brought a well known pistolsmith up on charges [Continue]

the superbowl

Let’s say we all want to go see the Superbowl. And it’s being held in Texas Stadium, since that’s down the road from here. Let’s even say the Cowboys are playing. I have tickets, my parents got them for me, and the game is good. Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, has decreed that everyone with [Continue]

jill carrol released

Jill Carrol has been freed! Yay! Her family released the following statement: “Our hearts are full. We are elated by Jill’s safe release. We would like to thank all of the generous people around the world who worked officially or unofficially, especially those who took personal risks, to gain Jill’s release. We are also very [Continue]

paper scenery

Normandy Residential Buildings Paper Scenery for Gear Krieg. We use most of these buildings in our Axis and Allies town. The address I had for these buildings has changed, hence this post. The majority of our buildings came from Microtactix’s BATTLELANDS 15: Normandy 1944. I would like to find a WWIIish version of the tower [Continue]


rethought the d-day invasion table. Think it should be a little more like this:

need a mattock

Dug up bushes and stuff yesterday. Well, dug up some. Others are still in the ground. Hopefully the rain today will soften up the soil a bit. But, need to get a mattock, probably will get a cutter mattock, or a Pulaski if I can find one. Don’t have one, and the stupid roots of [Continue]

no malice, no crime

Officer Won’t Face Charges in Shooting Death By Tom Jackman Washington Post Staff Writer “The Fairfax County police officer who shot an unarmed man to death in January will not be charged with a crime, the county’s chief prosecutor announced this afternoon. From the start, Fairfax police declared that the killing of Salvatore J. Culosi [Continue]

mein lieben!

Last night played Axis & Allies with Alan and Dean. I was the ever victorious Germans, Alan and Dean were the evil invading Americans and their lackey dogs the Brittish. We set up the table like this: I could put my forces, 120 points worth, anywhere on the board behind the line of barbed wire [Continue]

barrelling the ar15 part duex

The wrench I ordered from DPMS came today. It fit, but it also didn’t. It fit over the new barrel nut, but _only_ if the free float handguard was unscrewed completely and out of the way. It took me a while to figure out how to put it all togehter, but after about an hour [Continue]