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medical appointments

Well, looks like I’ll be going to the dentist again next Wednesday, and unfortunateLy the allergIst as well. Will mOst likely take The day off from work, since Not mUcH would get done. “By the book, hours will seem as days…” 😉 The uh allergist wants to see me from 1pm to 4:30pm Wednesday. In [Continue]

MirrorMask review

from ‘MirrorMask’ Reviewed by Lisa Schwarzbaum “Kingdoms of light and dark, puppets and masks startling as any at a Bauhaus ball, CG effects and digital animation employed with avant-garde panache in a live-action adventure, and the search for a magical object … it’s quite useless, really, to describe the remarkable cinema fantasy “MirrorMask” without [Continue]

Serentiy Now! Tommorrow!

Tommorrow Serenity comes out. Didn’t go see it Tuesday. The showing was waaaaaay over in North Dallas, over an hour away at the best of times, and rush hour traffic is not the best of times. So, I played Pirates of the Spanish Main with Dean, Alan, and John. Alfred was there, too, but she [Continue]

wouldn’t it be nice?

Donate $100 to Katrina relief and Brian Wilson, the Beach Boy, will “call you personally and answer a question you may have, or just say hello”. Also, he and his wife will match the donation.

holy calamari!

Holy Squid! Photos Offer First Glimpse of Live Deep-Sea Giant James Owen for National Geographic News September 27, 2005 “Like something straight out of a Jules Verne novel, an enormous tentacled creature looms out of the inky blackness of the deep Pacific waters. But this isn’t science fiction. A set of extraordinary images captured by [Continue]

a swamp of corruption

from the wall street journal, A Swamp of Corruption In Katrina’s wake, Louisiana’s political culture needs a cleanup too. Monday, September 26, 2005 12:01 a.m. EDT “Perhaps no footage from Hurricane Katrina was replayed more often than the “Meet the Press” clip of Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson Parish, La., telling Tim Russert that bureaucrats [Continue]

Tropical Storm Zartan

They should start using a different list for hurricanes. Like use villans for comic books. Hurricane Scorpion, Hurricane Hulk, Hurricane Doom, Hurricane Apokalypse, Hurricane Magneto sound much more threatening than Hurricane (Marga)Rita. Newscaster: “Godzilla is coming. I repeat, Godzilla is coming ashore in five hours. We urge everyone in Godzilla’s path to evacuate. ” Random [Continue]


“…three not-at-all recondite rules for avoiding poverty: Graduate from high school, don’t have a baby until you are married, don’t marry while you are a teenager. Among people who obey those rules, poverty is minimal.”-George Will

A Primitivist Primer

wtf are these people thinking? “How does anarcho-primitivism view technology? John Zerzan defines technology as “the ensemble of division of labor/production/industrialism and its impact on us and nature. Technology is the sum of mediations between us and the natural world and the sum of those separations mediating us from each other. It is all the [Continue]

Serenity Now!

I get to see Serenity tommorrow night. Ha! Assuming it does not just suck ass, which is a pretty damn safe assumption, I will also be paying money to see it this weekend, so that the opening weekend gross is just a little bit higher. cool movie poster: If you have read my blog more [Continue]

Rita update on Bonnie

Rita update on Bonnie. Got this Saturday night: “Bonnie’s back at home. We have power. Wind but no rain at our house. No damage, except lots of pine branches and needles. I will get a good night’s sleep tonight and head back to the office. Lot of people w/o electric power. But biggest problem is [Continue]

is your butt ringing?

Police extract stolen mobile from woman’s posterior By Lester Haines Published Tuesday 13th September 2005 14:45 GMT “ust what is it about Romanian women and mobes mobile phones? Back in April, we reported on the sticky case of 34-year-old Ruxandra Gardian who attempted to make good her escape with a phone concealed in her vagina. [Continue]

The Looter

The Looter – priceless Inspirational Poster That whole site has a ton of remixes of that one looter dude. All based off this one picture. Heiniken. Loot a cold one **Update** As my friend Luis mentioned, we can’t know if the dude looted or found the beer, so hence forth he shall be know no [Continue]

nra on the ground in LA

NRA ON THE GROUND IN LOUISIANA “As was reported last week, in the wake of unspeakable crimes perpetrated by roving, armed gangs and individuals, authorities in New Orleans seized legal firearms from lawful residents, effectively disarming the very citizenry they are sworn to protect. On Monday, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, and NRA-ILA Executive [Continue]