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Back in 1900 Galveston was wiped off the map. Basically. Prior to that it was _the_ seaport in Texas. After 1900, Texas wised up and 1) moved the seaport to Houston, much further inland 2) dredged up the bottom and raised Galveston 20 feet Hopefully, New Orleans does the same. Keep the kitchy touristy stuff, [Continue]


Speaking of looting: City a woeful scene Tuesday, 10:14 p.m. By Brian Thevenot, Gordon Russell, Keith Spera and Doug MacCash Staff writers “Those trapped in the city faced an increasingly lawless environment, as law enforcement agencies found themselves overwhelmed with widespread looting. Looters swarmed the Wal-mart on Tchoupitoulas Street, often bypassing the food and drink [Continue]

be prepared

Be Prepared is the Boy Scout motto. Looking at what’s going on in New Orleans, I think we can all see the wisdom in having proper emergency supplies. You need water, enough for a few days. You need food, something that will not soil or require refrigeration, enough for a few days. You need a [Continue]

so ummm….

So, the US was hit by a freakin’ horrible hurricane yesterday, as I’m sure y’all all know. I’m waiting to hear reports of aid coming in from other countries. I’m guessing I’ll be waiting a looooong ass time. S’ok. We’ll remember this next time your country is invaded by someone, or you are hit by [Continue]


Zombies descend upon Erwin Center RTF senior foments zombie renaissance as fad spreads By Rachel Pearson “Thursday outside the Frank Erwin Center, a horde of zombies attacked the “American Idol” auditions. No one was hurt. The zombies, 15 fake-bloodied actors in all, lurched out from under the IH-35 overpass and shuffled toward the Erwin Center, [Continue]

$4 a gallon

I expect that gas will go up to $4 a gallon very quickly. Why? ‘Cause most of the oil-to-gasoline refineries in the US are along the Gulf Coast, with most of them being in Louisiana, specifically around New Orleans. Which is right where Katrina is kicking ass and taking wallets. There will be damamge done. [Continue]

glock mags

Got an email that Botach is selling Glock mags for $12.95. Can’t really beat that price with a stick. 33 round mags are $10 more, or only $22.95, which is also a great deal. Glock 17/34 17rd 9mm Glock 18 33rd 9mm +$10 Glock 19 15rd 9mm Glock 20 15rd 10mm Glock 21 13rd .45 [Continue]

football is un-islamic

from the PakistaniDaily Times: “LAHORE: Ulema in Saudia Arabia have issued a fatwa (religious decree) declaring football an un-Islamic sport, and have urged the youth to quit it immediately, BBC radio reported on Saturday. According to the report, the clerics urged the youth to indulge in jihad and other constructive activities that could help the [Continue]

list of British deportable acts

Acts of hate: full list of ‘deportation’ acts By Times Online “The Home Office today published a list of “unacceptable behaviours” which will lead to the deportation or exclusion of any foreign national who commits them from the UK. According to the Home Secretary the list is indicative rather than exhaustive and covers any non-UK [Continue]

not the lone ranger

Why is it that more and more often when I see police officers, they are hiding their face? Take a look at the pics here, of a police raid on a rave/dance. Ignoring the raid itslef, look at the pics of the officers. All are in black or camoflague. All are wearing masks. Why? Are [Continue]


Flowchart for determining when copyrights exipre: (click on it for the full size image) 1“Fixed” means fixed, by the author or with the author’s permission, in a tangible means of expression, including, for instance, paper, CD-ROMs, film, or other media. The federal copyright statute does not cover unfixed works (such as oral stories or performances [Continue]