Monthly Archives: June 2005

game stuff

ICON USA has some pretty good prices on games. Need to get some more LOTR miniatures, as the evil forces (Dean) keeps kicking my arse. And while I’m there, might get some Star Wars figures, too. Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction 2 Mechaton giant robot miniatures game using Legos Star Wars Vehicle Workshop gf9 makes [Continue]

monster island

Monster Island the game of giant monster combat, might be a good idea for Jake’s Christmas present. Should be plenty of “violence” for him


The Fleet Type Submarine Online Submarine Sonar Operator’s Manual a WWIIish US Navy manual. “PREFACE As a sonar operator, you will have a most important job. On a patrol in enemy waters the lives of your shipmates may be in your hands. You must know your gear and what it can do. You must be [Continue]

3gun match in Coperas Cove

I didn’t go, didn’t even know they were having a match down there. Looks like it was fun. Adam, if you’re reading this, you and your squadmates should be going to these matches.

knife for Adam

I’m making/modifing a knife for my cousin Adam to take to Iraq. He said that his unit, not being infantry, are not issued bayonets or knives, so I thouhgt I’d make him one. I picked up a very nice spanish CETME bayonet at Smokey Mountain Knife Works for $7 or $8. Monday I drilled out [Continue]

Portable “City Hideout”

“Portable “City Hideout” is a temporary hideout made to fit one seated adult. The collapsable metal box resembles the kind of streetside sheds that commonly house electrical devices such as streetlight controls, new-age parking meters, and small generators. The hideout can be easily assembled on any corner or rooftop as the ultimate urban camouflage.” Weird. [Continue]

this town needs an enigma

Very cool! Paper Enigma Machine: “This machine is compatible with the original 3-rotor German Enigma used during World War II. For simplicity it omits the “ring settings” and plug board, but the primary workings of the machine are captured in this model. Great as an educational tool, or just for fun! For a great article [Continue]

Fuck tha (Dallas) Police!

There is a series of article written by reporter Jim Schulze for the Dallas Observer that have highlighted corruption in Dallas. Seems that the city and the cops are taking property owners to court if crimes occur on, or nearby, their property. When asked to do something about the crime, the cops hand over a [Continue]

rules for beating your wife

Sheik Aal Mahmoud: If the husband wants to use beatings to treat his wife, he must never ever do it in front of the children. It must remain between him and her. It must be done according to the following conditions: He must not cause bleeding or bruise her body. He should avoid her face [Continue]

Reunion AAR

Had a blast at the family reunion. We went up to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, since it’s kinda equidistant from everyone, and the scenery is really purdy. Went through Mephis, twice, but did’t stop at, or even drive-by, Graceland. It’d been three years since the last gathering. This time everyone was there. Well, with two exceptions (three [Continue]

free korans!

You can order a free koran from the Council on islamic-American Relations. I figure it’ll cost them the printing costs, plus postage, might as well make them spend as much as possible. In other news, who’d like to make a paper mache piggy bank? Make a Paper Mache Piggy Bank Christine Dvornik You’ll need these [Continue]

making a comercial

Saw this on craigslist: “Needed 30 sec commercials production start to finish…..for cable adverts” Adam called and…weird guy. He wants really awesome or really crappy/terrible, and NOTHING in between. Says if it’s good, people remember it, if it’s bad they remember that to. Makes some sense. It’s a quarry. “Redneckish”- his words. Has a yard [Continue]