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places to get mechwarrior miniatures from

Since Jordan was whinning quite a bit about not having “cool” mechs, here’s where I’ve ordered them from: popular collections Cardhaus Also here is the rulebook, and here is the Special Equipment chart. General mechwarrior universe stuff, timelines, histories

Batman Begins trailer

Batman Begins should open June 15th. Looks good! Also looking good is the Firefly movie, Serenity. I really liked that show, and I’m glad that they were able to make a movie to continue the story somewhat. Maybe now they can get the series back on the air?

Pink Plates Proposed For Sex Offenders

Pink license plates for sex-offenders Sounds like a good idea to me. Right now Ohio sells(!) yellow license plates to repeat DWI offenders, so that they are more visible to police officers. Most pediphiles are able to blend in to their communities, so this should help parents and others be aware of them. “Pink Plates [Continue]

“there never really was one”

From the New York Times: “Despite dire predictions that the streets would be awash in military-style guns, the expiration of the decade-long assault weapons ban last September has not set off a sustained surge in the weapons’ sales, gun makers and sellers say. It also has not caused any noticeable increase in gun crime in [Continue]

Mall Madness

If anyone runs across a used copy of the girl’s game Mall Madness for under $5, let me know. I hear it’d make a great fortress, once painted and gun and missle emplacemets are added, for Mechwarrior.

Tonight on the WB:

Y’all have heard that there is a Star Wars live-action tv show in the works, right? I think it’d be kinda cool if they’d kinda change it around a bit, maybe one week is an episode of “Troops” (a Star Wars version of “Cops”), maybe one week it’s Jedi CSI (or CSI: Tatooine) or Law [Continue]

more card buildings it’s in classic battletech scale, which is a little smaller than mechwarrior dark ages, but probably close enough. Classic Battletech General Terrain forum Marvel Super Heroes basic set cityscape, can be converted to Mechwarrior, I think. A (non-card) neat looking Infantry fortification more stuff to take a look at: Aurora-Class [Continue]

Punch for peace

From the Columbia (Missouri) Daily Tribune: Peace activist faces trial after crossing the line of civility “On this particular Wednesday – it was March 16 – her effort seemed to annoy a couple of the protesters. Not satisfied with their own peace protest, a pair of peaceniks grabbed their signs and made their way to [Continue]

Free Comic Book Day

May 7th, 2005 is Free Comic Book Day. Head to your local comic book shop for a free comic or two. In Ft. Worth you’ve pretty much only got two choices, the Lonestar Comics south of Hulen Mall or Y2K comics next to Harbor Freight.

paper models and terrain

Found a bunch of buildings and terrain for Mechwarrior. Need to print them off on a laser printer or something onto card stock. I built a few paper ones last night and today, but they’re kinda flimsy. Still, they look pretty cool, well, except for the one with the crooked roof. here’s the stuff I [Continue]

I am Jack’s low price guarentee

sometimes the stuff on is pretty funny: devilbunny> I just got back from a team-building meeting at work. There was pizza and the managers did karaoke, and we played games. devilbunny> We played Cranium, basically a team based trivial pursit, with cards like “draw a picture and have your team guess what it is,” [Continue]

well crap

Two things. First, my stupid cell phone will not play Chewbacca ringtones. Damn Nokia 6010! Second, it seems that my registration for the three gun match never arrived. So…no three gun match for me. Damn damn damn. I might see if they need any help that day, or I may go to a family reunion.

Fucking ATF(E)

Found this at the Houston Chronicle. If I wasn’t going to watch “Lost” with my mom tonight, I’d be heading to the range right after work. Damn this pisses me off: Post-9/11 firearms debate intensifies NRA fights closing loopholes, even if it means terror suspects can still buy guns By RACHEL GRAVES Copyright 2005 Houston [Continue]

Pirates of the Spanish Main

The same folks that make the Mechwarrior miniatures game make one called Pirates of the Spanish Main, where you fight other players with old sailing ships. Looks kinda cool, the models of the ships look nice, and I think it’s be fun, especially if I make a board like this one. If Mechwarrior gets tiring, [Continue]