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the Numa Numa Boy

This is freaking hilarious! Lyrics to OZONE – DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI: Ma-ia-hii Ma-ia-huu Ma-ia-hoo Ma-ia-haha Alo, Salut, sunt eu, un haiduc, Si te rog, iubirea mea, primeste fericirea. Alo, alo, sunt eu Picasso, Ti-am dat beep, si sunt voinic, Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic. Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei, Nu [Continue]

Raven 42

Y’all heard about the MPs who kicked ass in Iraq? The squad leader and team leader sergeant were female, and killed several insurgents themselves, one killed 4 with her M4, the other used grenades to take out 2, plus one with her M4. Seven Americans (three wounded) killed in total 24 enemy, wounded 6 (two [Continue]

ND! not AD!

I’m sure y’all have seen this already. Cop shoots himself in the foot during safety lecture (Video) Although it looks to me like he shots himself in the thigh, not the foot. Anyway, a shockingly bad example of poor judgement and poor gun handling/safety skills. This was not an “accidental” shooting, this was a negligent [Continue]

Quote of the Day

“A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled, and less than that no man shall have.” -Theodore Roosevelt, 1903

Now Playing

Currently listening to General Public’s album, “Hand to Mouth” Probably once it’s done I’ll either put in Manu Chao’s “Clandisino” or U2’s “Best of Vol 2” Interesting side note, I watched the “Charade” remake, “The Truth About Charlie” last week (on tv) and noticed that several Manu Chau songs were on the soundtrack. I thought [Continue]

Bus Riding

I’m reading this website on a protest rally this past weekend and it mentions a few of the groups that were out protesting. One name caught my eye. The L.A. Bus Riders Union. That’s right, they’ve formed a union for people who ride the bus in Los Angeles. So of course I head to google [Continue]

In your satin tights, Fighting for your rights!

Looks like Joss Weaton is writing the script for the Wonder Woman movie. Cool. I like his characters in Buffy and Firefly (never did watch Angel), so I think he’ll do a good job. Now the real question is… Who will play Wonder Woman? Mila Jovavich? Natalie Portman? Winona Rider? Teri Hatcher? Lucy Lawless? (she [Continue]

Free guns!

1) Guns magazine’s gun of the month giveaway costs you a stamp and a postcard, but you could win a nice gun. This month it’s a sweet Marlin lever action. 2) Head over to Gallery of guns and click on “Great Gun Giveaway” to enter to win a new Bushmaster AR15. Nice rifle, sells for [Continue]

online poker bishes must die!

Bloggers, frustrated by online poker sites posting spam in the comments sections which follow blog entries, decided to fight back by displacing comment-spammer’s rank in google searches. They are Googlebombing the Wikipedia page on online poker for the phrase “online poker” to make it rank higher in search engines. “Online poker“, along with “Viagra“, “mortgage” [Continue]


This bugs me about the lady who is being called a “hero” in the Atlanta judge/court reporter/deputy shootings: “After 6 a.m., Smith said she followed Nichols so he could hide Wilhelm’s truck and then took him back to the apartment in her car. She said that Nichols did not bring any weapons on the trip, [Continue]

Looking for…

Does anyone know where I could find one of these? I think the next installment of “The Good Ol’ Boys” should definately have one (or more) of the characters wearing one of these during or prior to some criminal enterprise. Speaking of “The Good Ol’ Boys,” my mom saw it yesterday and thought it was [Continue]


SWR Warlock 22lr silencer raffle to support WWW.NFAOA.ORG $10. Only 100 tickets will be sold, so far 50 have been purchased (not by me). The funds will be used to get the word out regarding ATFE-NFRTR and ITAR issues. ATFE -NFRTR is the Alcohol Tobbaco Firearms Explosives – National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. I’m [Continue]

Ha ha!

AFL-CIO lays off 100 workers I find this amusing. Layoffs are always eviiiiiiiiiil, unless it’s us laying of our workers, then it’s ok.