Monthly Archives: February 2005

Indian Phrases

For those of you that get frustrated with waiting for a half hour to talk to some grabass from India that wants you to reformat your computer, here’s a few catch phrases you can study up on while you wait. chuutya = asshole tum chuutya ho = you’re an asshole gaand = ass hijda = [Continue]


Pictures from a Star Wars convention The guy making the comments is fairly mean, but damn are they funny. “Darth Braveheart…It’s not a tumor…Princess Cameltoe” LOL


Looking around for a truck. Not too serious. I figure I’ll wait till: 1) I have some money saved up (and don’t blow it on something gun related, which is proving rather difficult lately) 2) I find a really good deal 3) My current car dies. It works, might as well keep it. This looked [Continue]


ewwwwww lice Posted for the new fathers and soon to be fathers, so they’ll have an idea of what to do.

Is Ken next?

Ken, longtime companion of Barbie, is reported to be in hiding. “I’m scared. Really scared. I don’t have a kung-fu grip like Joe, my damn fingers are fused together for christsake! What could I do to stop them? Nothing! So, yeah, I’m in hiding, ” a distraught told our correspondant. from CNN: Terrorists “kidnap” victim [Continue]

GOB update

Re-edited the chase scene last night. It’s down to one minute 20 seconds, or thereabouts. Much better. Faster pace. The opening uses music from Ocean’s Twelve, song number 10 on the soudtrack (can’t think of the title right now, but I could hum it for you). Very 70s-ish. The chase scene uses the last one [Continue]