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Cool pic

While surfing the net trying ot learn how to sandbag a humvee, I ran across this picture, thought it was pretty cool. Taken just after the entry from Kuwait to Iraq.

3-gun match

I did quite poorly. The worst I’ve done in any of the four 3-gun matches I’ve been in. My reloading skills were great, especially on the shotgun. I did grab two pistol mags once, and dropped one of them (on purpose) rather than take time to stuff it back into the mag pouch. Since I [Continue]


Yesterday we visited Delphi. It is nestled into the side of a beautiful mountain range. At the base is a valley with an orchard of Olives miles across with millions of trees. Harvesting must be a nightmare! The old Temple containing the Oracle of Delphi was escavated in the 20th century. Much is destroyed but [Continue]

5-21-04 Olympia

Greetings from Olympia. So now we have seen the site of the first modern Olympic games and now the original site of the Ancient Olympic games. Pretty amazing. Also tried Ouzo today. If you drink enough of it you start danicing around in circles yelling Opa!!!! jk. Actually it just tasted like a black liquorish [Continue]

Fix Bayonets!

First the El Salvadorians, now everyone wants to get into a knife fight! I wonder if they had a bagpiper playing whilst they charged? Bayonet Brits kill 35 Rebels OUTNUMBERED British soldiers killed 35 Iraqi attackers in the Army

3-gun match

I just got off the phone confirming that I am indeed registered for the match this weekend. Can’t wait! It’s at Tacpro, in Mingus, Texas. Starts at 9am. We’ll be shooting probably 5 or 6 stages using pistol, rifle, and shotgun. I’ve heard rumors that a rifle stage has 300 yard shots! I hope not, [Continue]

howdy from Glenda in athens

Hey All, just checking in. We are having a great time here in Athens. We have been wandering around for the last 2 days and have had no trouble. The subway is clean and nice and easy to manuver around. Lots of construction though. We haven^t made it out to the Olympic stadium yet, but [Continue]


Hello all! We made it to Athens, although we spent a few extra hours in Paris (blah!)after our plane came in late. But here we are. The Acropolis was amazing! We also saw the temple of Zeus. These ruins are just fabulous. Everyone here has been very nice and helpful. We have had no problems. [Continue]


From the New York Post: THE murder of Nick Berg, a 26-year-old American businessman, by a group of Islamist terrorists in Iraq continues to send shock waves through much of the West. What has impressed most people is the fact that the terrorists cut Mr. Berg’s head in the way that sheep are beheaded at [Continue]

Iraq Soccer Team Qualifies For Olympics

Good News! Celebratory Gunfire Heard In Baghdad AMMAN, Jordan — Iraq’s soccer team qualified for the Athens Olympics on Wednesday, less than three months after the country was reinstated by the International Olympic Committee. Iraq beat Saudi Arabia 3-1, and then clinched the third and final Asian qualifying spot when Kuwait held Oman to a [Continue]

The Khalifa and JFK

From Iraq the Model comes this on the death of the Iraqi provisional government’s head a few days ago: What happened this morning was not a surprise. We (Iraqis and coalition) learned from our experiences in the past months that the road towards a free, prosperous and stable Iraq, in which the sovereignty hand-over in [Continue]

Judge Us By Our Actions

From “Why does Arab media fail at self criticism and why can’t Arab human rights NGOs pressure Arab governments the way their counterparts do in America?”, asked the host of satellite news channel al-Arabiya’s (one of the harshest critics of the United States) “Spotlight” news program. The follow up commentary was even more astounding, [Continue]

“Why Do They Hate Us?”

Stolen, without permission, from The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler: “Why Do They Hate Us?” There’s really only one reasonable answer to that one: “Who gives a fuck?” I’d be a three-times billionaire at least if I’d had a buck for every time I’ve heard Idiotarians throw up that question, implying that we need to change that so [Continue] “Want to send a care package to Any Soldier in Harm’s Way, but have no idea of what to send, who to send it to, or how to send it?” Sounds like a good program. “Sergeant Brian Horn from LaPlata, Maryland, an Army Infantry Soldier with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in the Kirkuk area [Continue]

Glenda’s Wedding

Glenda’s wedding went of with hardly a hitch. They’re off in Greece now. Well, they’re headed that way anyway. Pics will be up in a while at: So far I’ve got 234 pics to go through, just put up about 20 or so. More pics will be coming soon. EDITED: Went ahead and stuck [Continue]