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According to The Federalist, concerning the recent electoral defeat of Spain’s Popular Party leader Jose Maria Aznar to the Socialist Party: Sr. Aznar became the first Spanish head of state to leave office without revolution or coercion since the abdication of Charles V in 1556. Damn. And we expect the democratic process to work perfectly [Continue]

He said mole….

“John Kerry has promised to take this country back from the wealthy. Who better than the guy worth $700 million to take the country back? See, he knows how the wealthy think. He can spy on them at his country club, at his place in Palm Beach, at his house in the Hamptons. He’s like [Continue]

the religion of peace

Bahrain Islamists storm restaurant over alcohol Some 100 Bahraini Islamists shouting “God is Greatest” stormed a French restaurant serving alcohol in the pro- Western Gulf Arab state and threatened diners with knives, witnesses said Thursday. One diner managed to wrest a knife away from the Islamists and stabbed one with it, causing him severe injuries, [Continue]

pics from Hatti

Now this is my kind of guy, the one on the right. TWO pistols and an M16. Niiice. US Patrol US Marine Candians are down there too As are the French Locals: Thompson missing most of it’s wood Some sort of homemade pistol? This guy has a spanish FR-8 (I have one, too) Israeli Galil [Continue]

book I need to get

Found a book I need to get. Killer Camera Rigs that you can build Looks cool. A little late to be useful for Action! but I was planning on building a crane for the next movie anyway.

Hazardous Bread?

Half-Baked: Hazardous Bread by Bryan Johnson A recent Cincinnati Enquirer headline read, “Smell of baked bread may be health hazard.” The article went on to describe the dangers of the smell of baking bread. The main danger, apparently, is that the organic components of this aroma may break down ozone (I’m not making this stuff [Continue]

No more swords down under

New law to ban swords Peter Mickelburough, state politics reporter 09mar04 SWORDS will be outlawed from July under new laws to curb the growing use of the weapons in street brawls. Police Minister Andre Haermeyer said the ban would help police overcome a culture of young people arming themselves with swords. “For most people running [Continue]

Herr Kerry

“All military type firearms are to be handed in immediately …The SS, SA and Stahlhelm give every respectable German man the opportunity of campaigning with them. Therefore anyone who does not belong to one of the above named organizations and who unjustifiably nevertheless keeps his weapon … must be regarded as an enemy of the [Continue]

R. Kelley == OBL? WTF?

“People can say whatever they want about you without knowing the facts,” Kelly tells Blender magazine in its October issue. “They can criticize you without even knowing you, and hate you when they don’t even know you. All of a sudden, you’re, like, the bin Laden of America. Osama bin Laden is the only one [Continue]


I can’t wait till they scale this up to giant Robotech-like exo-skeletons UC Berkeley researchers developing robotic exoskeleton that can enhance human strength and endurance The mere thought of hauling a 70-pound pack across miles of rugged terrain or up 50 flights of stairs is enough to evoke a grimace in even the burliest individuals. [Continue]

Who would you rather have lead?

from (it’s refreshing to hear someone from “the other side” with some common sense): “In 2001, New York was burning and we were afraid. Today, there are American flags flying in Baghdad and our enemies are afraid. I don’t have access to all the documents, but I must entertain the possibility, the possibility that [Continue]


A former YMCA camp counselor who admitted molesting more than 40 boys underwent voluntary castration this week in Texas, the only state where the prison system allows the surgery.

Fake Nike ad

People, this is a fake. Please stop sending me emails about how I should boycott Nike because of this (fake!) ad. Do you really think a company like Nike would approve an ad like that?