Monthly Archives: January 2004


I’m going shooting again this Saturday. It’s been waaaay too long sice I’ve been. I think it was Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully the weather out near Poolville will be good. The next Tac Pro 3-gun Match is in May, so it’s past time to start getitng ready. I’ve heard that the Ridgerunners club out in Brekenridge [Continue]

Monday Mornings

The opening sequence to Adam’s first film, Monday Mornings, is available for download. It’s huge, about 91Mb, and it unzips into about a 120 Mb .avi file. Enjoy! And let me know what you think. Good, bad, ugly?

Children for Sale

You know, I’m not the biggest fan of the show Dateline. It goes back to the time that they used model rockets to casue Chevy trucks to explode and said it was faulty engineering. But, every now and then I watch it. Tonight is one of those nights. The show tonight is on children for [Continue]


Kill three people and get on a calendar! This Norwegian woman was involved in a triple murder in 1999 and now a Norweigan animal rights group has her in their fund raising calendar. First off, what the heck was she doing out of prison last summer on “leave”?! Second, are people not animals, too? Why [Continue]

Under the weather

Bleck! I got shots at the begining of December for my trip down to Colombia. I got Inflenza, Typhoid, Yellow Fever shots amongst several others. The lady at the health department said each of those might give me “flu-like” symptoms. I might actually get the flu or typhoid from the shots, but that the yellow [Continue]

Hey Kids!

This is a joke. I certainly appears that Landover Baptist is a fake church. But still, kinda funny. Kids! Accept Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior and Get a Free PlayStation 2! This offer is for children and teenagers only! It may not be used in conjunction with any other Landover Baptist salvation offer. [Continue]

Marines need some help

The Marines Who Liberated Baghdad Need Our Help. Now. he 1st Marine Division is going back to Iraq. They need medical equipment, school supplies, frisbees and soccer balls for Iraqis. The Marines want to help children like these and improve relations with Iraqis in the ‘Sunni Triangle.’ Their first thirty days are the most important. [Continue]

The sermon for the day…

The Lord God looked down upon his creation and saw John Moses Browning sitting upon a mountain. He said unto John, “Go forth and make me a gun”. As commanded, John returned to his workbench. He toiled through the day and into the night, and through the day and into the night. When finished with [Continue]

I’m Back

I’m back from Colombia. It was…interesting. I don’t recommend anyone head over there anytime soon though. But if you do, make sure you go to the Gold Museum in Bogota. Also make sure you speak Spanish, as English speakers are few and far between. Especially in cabs. I guess the cab drivers over in the [Continue]