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Heading out to Europe

Heading out to Europe tomorrow! My friend Thilo is getting married the 4th and he invited me to the come. One good thing came out of all this flying to the middle east, I had all but 386 frequent flier miles to get a free trip to Europe. So, $95 and 2500 miles later (that [Continue]

Well, I finally finished

Well, I finally finished my first knife. Yea!! So far everyone who’s seen it has said words like “magnificent” and “outstanding” with very little prompting from me It’s a GPC1000 model. I originally was going to put mesquite handles on it, but I could never get the curve to look right, so I ordered [Continue]

“When I’m president, we’ll

“When I’m president, we’ll have executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day,” said Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri. That’s scary. We have three branches of government for a reason. And this clown wants to knock it down to just two?

I find it imensely

I find it imensely funny that Sen. Orin Hatch (R-Utah), who just the other day said that anyone who pirates music should have their computer destroyed, uses pirated software on his website! So I guess it’d be ok for the guy in England that created the software he is pirating to destroy Sen. Hatch’s server?

Wow Full auto BB

Wow Full auto BB gun Looks horrible, but it shoots 100 BBs a second! and holds 6000 BBs!!!!!!! How cool is that? Man, I wish I’d had one as a kid!

I can’t make up

I can’t make up stuff this funny: Adult Christianity: Your Inner STRUGGLE “We take in God through our mouths, and expel the Serpent through our bowels. You see, food is a type of Christ, while bodily waste, or fecal matter, is a type of Satan. This is why we bless our food, and flush our [Continue]

UN Congo observers slaughtered

UN Congo observers slaughtered after unanswered pleas “BUNIA, Congo – For six days, two terrified United Nations military observers phoned their superiors – as many as four times a day – begging to be evacuated from their remote outpost in northeastern Congo. They were receiving death threats, they said. They were alone and unarmed in [Continue]

You know, I can’t

You know, I can’t feel too sorry for this guy, but what a horrible way to be killed: “The elderly woman suddenly grabbed Kazingizi’s genitals and started pulling them until he lost consciousness. Maramba continued pulling until Kazingizi died on the spot.”

ummm…. I don’t know

ummm…. I don’t know what to say about the proper way of cooking the goat head. “It may sound a bit put offish, and it is not a dish that appeals to everybody, since some people don’t fancy finding the eyes, ears or tongues of the animal in their dish. And also, it usually causes [Continue]

It really saddens me

It really saddens me that we live in a society where children are allowed access to dangerous weapons and anyone can go into a store, like Walmart!, and purchase a deadly weapon with no background check, no license needed, and just walk out the door with a deadly, dangerous weapon. Who knows how many millions [Continue]

from the “G in

from the “G in baghdad” blog: “it was the first day of a “weapons controlling program” the Americans decided to do a sweep on one of the poor neighborhoods on the south tip of Baghdad, they rounded an area of 3500-4000 houses using a force of over than 400 men of the 82nd airborne division. [Continue]

Not too hot about

Not too hot about any of them anyway and this way we get to blame the Americans for the screwing up of our future. They have been involved in creating the mess we are in now, they should take responsibility in helping us clear it up. Ummm, let

This comes from the

This comes from the 3ID: “It happened while TF 1-69 Armor and TF 4-69 Armor were driving into the center of the city, and they stole the focus of the world media. TF 3-15 had been the unit that David Bloom was with, but of course he was dead by the time the unit fought [Continue]