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Pop star Madonna put

Pop star Madonna put on a private performance for 200 guests of a radio station in Paris and thanked France for its opposition to the Iraq war. Dressed in a low cut black top, black glittery trousers, and with dyed black hair, she performed the title track to her new album, American life. The exclusive [Continue]

ummm…why was it that

ummm…why was it that Cuba got re-elected to head the UN Human Rights thingy? hehehehe, another good one: and another. I like this strip. one more, for the rest, go visit the website, lots of good strips there.

Jacques Chirac visits President

Jacques Chirac visits President George Bush. “Tell me George how do you put together such a efficient team while I’m assisted by a bunch of morons.” “Simple Jack, I constantly test my cabinet Secretaries. If they respond correctly, they stay on. Otherwise I fire them. It’s a ‘best of breed’ process, I’m sure of keeping [Continue]

hmmm…wonder if my dad

hmmm…wonder if my dad can score me a pair of x-ray glasses? I could see, kinda, the Iraqis thinking we were technologically advanced enough to have X-ray glasses, but what’s this about “half naked” US troops? All the US Troops I’ve seen on the news have been loaded down with gear and clothing.

Interesting, seems the Iraqi’s

Interesting, seems the Iraqi’s aren’t too fond of Al-Jazeerah. While I’m certain that they did heavily slant their news in a pro-Saddam maner, they are still the most un-biased and professional of _all_ the Arabic news channels.

Well this just sucks

Well this just sucks arse! My car was just hit! While it was standing still! Parked in front of our house! (granted, I see the irony here as when I was 16 I hit a parked car on a street) !!!!!!!! 30 years we’ve been living in the house and the only time our cars [Continue]

Geez….maybe this has something

Geez….maybe this has something to do with the problems in the middle east? “in some regions more than half of the marriages are between close relatives. Across the Arab world today an average of 45 percent of married couples are related..” wow. That can’t be good for the ol’ gene pool. “Health officials and genetic [Continue]

Saw X-men 2 last

Saw X-men 2 last night. Man, is it ever a good movie. Go see it. now! I read the comics as a kid, and (ahem) still do on occasion, but I found that the writing was suffering after Chris Claremont left, and really, the way the women were drawn, they’d all have chronic back pain [Continue]

hmmm….according to this guy,

hmmm….according to this guy, Saddam killed 600,000 civilians while he was in power, plus about 500,000 soldiers killed during the Iran/Iraq war. For a total of 1.1 million people killed while he was in power. The Brittish lost during World War Two a total of 512,000 soldiers and civillians. The US lost a total of [Continue]

Does abolishing the Death

Does abolishing the Death Penalty cause more deaths? Maybe in Brit prisons it has. Seems more Brit prisoners are killing themselves than ever. “Be that as it may, the suicide of prisoners has called forth a bureaucratic apparatus to deal with it that — surprise, surprise — has so far failed in its ostensible aim. [Continue]

According to the Washington

According to the Washington Times (owned by the Moonies, so you need a grain or two of salt there maybe) French officials gave high-level Iraqis EU Passports so that they could flee to Europe. If this is true, then I’m not sure what we should do, but we should do something. Fox News is also [Continue]