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“…for we have created

“…for we have created a society so long immune from fear and repression, a safe and free and prosperous haven so encompassing that the deepest sense of liberation and victory that this American ever got to experience was when my college team won a stupid football game against the guys up the street.” Go and [Continue]

Well, looks like Robin

Well, looks like Robin Williams didn’t write that piece at all. Turns out he was just attributed as the author because someone stuck that quote by him at the bottom. Oh well, still a pretty good idea. Only four more days till dad leaves for Iraq.

Only three more weeks

Only three more weeks till the Three-Gun Match. Should be fun. It’ll be my first time competing or even seeing one. I’ll most likely be shooting my AR-15 (rifle), .45 1911A1 (pistol), and my dad’s shotgun (mine is missing it’s front and rear sights right now). I would use my 20 gauge, but the barrel [Continue]

Leave it to Robin

Leave it to Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan… what we need now is for our UN Ambassador to stand up and repeat this message. Robin Williams’ plan (Hard to argue with this logic!): I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of a plan for [Continue]

Too bad they haven’t

Too bad they haven’t found any ties between Al-Qaeda and Iraq. Oh wait, maybe they have. Looks like the French were sharing intellegence with them as well. Damnit! No wonder they didn’t want us going in there. Speaking of the french, what’s up with them not wanting to lift sanctions now? They were all for [Continue]

Interesting: “According to the

Interesting: “According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, between 1973 and 2002 Russia supplied 57 percent of Iraq’s arms, France 13 percent, China 12 percent, Brazil 2 percent . . . Brazil? Hang on, where’s Washington? Where’s London? Well, it turns out Brazil supplied more arms to Iraq than America and Britain combined. London [Continue]

Don Mattingly.

Don Mattingly. Could _not_ think of his name tonight. He was a pitcher for the Yankees, right? I was talking to Wes about that extremely awesome Simpsons episode where the Nuclear power plant softball team does really well. Homer is using a bat he made out of a tree that was hit by lightning (like [Continue]

I don’t know if

I don’t know if this is true or not, but the article just cracks me up. I got to the part where he says “–and because he was addicted…” and just bust a gut laughing. (third paragraph from the end) hehehehehehe. Man, that’s some funny stuff. Or is it just me? [edited to add:] Looks [Continue]

Edmund Burke’s statement: “All

Edmund Burke’s statement: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” Are these folks really “good” who passively sit by and let evil triumph, disapproving of it all the while? “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” –Thomas Jefferson: his motto War is an ugly thing, but not [Continue]

Speaking of Earth Day,

Speaking of Earth Day, if the Kyoto Treaty is all about lowering greenhouse emmisions, why don’t they mention coal fires? Looks like the ones in China alone put out more CO2 than all the automobiles in the US!

Found this at Lt.

Found this at Lt. Smash’s website The following have given their lives to liberate Iraq: United States of America Army Pvt. Johnny Brown, 21, Troy, Ala., vehicle accident Army Spc. Thomas Arthur Foley III, 23, of Dresden, Tenn., grenade accident Army Pfc. Joseph P. Mayek, 20, of Rock Springs, Wyo., weapons accident Marine Cpl. Armando [Continue]

Iraqi Christians celebrated Easter,

Iraqi Christians celebrated Easter, Shiite pilgrims made their way to Karbala for the first time in years, and Iraqi men protested the US after Friday’s prayers. Yet no one was arrested, tried, imprisioned, tortured, fondled, mutilated, or executed for any of this. And people said that we wouldn’t make any difference over there.