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oleg volk ftw!

From Oleg Volk, Actung, TSA!: This needs to be on a tshirt. Also needed on tshirts: The TSA Logo, then the words “TSA: Now every flight begins with a happy ending!” (referencing the practice of calling a massage that ends in ejaculation a “happy ending”) The TSA Logo, then the words “TSA: We have the [Continue]

F you!

Cee-lo, the voice of Gnarls Barkley, just released this video for his new song. The video is cool, as are the words and the melody. Good all around. Love the “gold digger” line! Then 50 Cent got involved and wrote a prelude, as if he’s the dude driving around town with Cee-lo’s ex.

zhum zhum zinny zinny

While looking for the original 80s song by Sly Fox, I ran across this: The words are different than the original: “Ain’t nobody jealous, everybody has they own Nobody locked up, everybody, everybody is free to roam Lookin’ at scrubby with a hottie on his side Lookin’ at rich kids, poor kids, Everybody together on [Continue]

pharoh not the bad guy jews claim?

lol Rehabilitating Pharoh: “Inspired by an Arnold Kling post, I’ve been thinking that we Jews, especially those who consider ourselves Progressives, have been way too hard on Pharaoh in our recounting of the Passover story. Consider Pharaoh’s achievements: (1) Green jobs: The Hebrews built the cities of Pithom and Ramses while emitting no greenhouse gases [Continue]

russian married with children

Also, a Belorussian Big Bang Theory: Looks like the producers of TBBT are aware of the Belorussian one, but have very little legal recourse: “CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #277 Belarus is a small, land-locked country next door to Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. According to Wikipedia, one of its major exports is cattle by-products. Which [Continue]