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model rocketry

Model rocketry stuff: C.L. Stong’s June 1957 column in Scientific Ammerican about the field of amateur rocketry Captain Bertrand R. Brinley’s 1960 book, Rocket Manual for Amateurs looks veryvery cool! Ignite! is a rocket science program for high school kids where they get to build 6ft + tall model rockets and launch them into space. [Continue]

how to dismantle build an atomic bomb

How two students built an A-bomb “Dave Dobson’s past is not a secret. Not technically, anyway – not since the relevant US government intelligence documents were declassified and placed in the vaults of the National Security Archive, in Washington DC. But Dobson, now 65, is a modest man, and once he had discovered his vocation [Continue]


Ran across this, thought it was interesting: North Pole ice melting fear mongers strike out “Kudos to John L. Daly, who has written a very interesting study of ice at the North Pole. Global Warmists are once again observing cyclical changes and declaring them “proof” of the dire effects of global warming. Among the interesting [Continue]