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wtf is up with the canuks?

What is happening in Canada “From reading the comments yesterday and today, it’s pretty obvious that there is confusion over what’s happening in Canada’s government. This is a primer for non-Canadians (and some Canadians) about this mess. If you didn’t care about this yesterday and you still don’t care about it today, know that I [Continue]

happy birthday fisto!

Today little Fisto turns 4. Happy Birthday lil’ Michael! Thank God your dad decided to name you Michael instead of Fisto. Although it does make a cool nickname. But man! Can you imagine? Anyway… He’s up in Canada celebrating with his madre’s familia. They’ll be up there about three weeks. For his birthday I got [Continue]


So mowed 11 yards yesterday. Ouch. It was like 189 thousand degrees yesterday. And the humidity was pretty bad, too. Then went to dinner with Wessika at Pizzeria Uno, and saw Wanted, the new movie with Angelina Jolie. And Morgan Freeman. It was good, but it was pretty violent. Jessika said she felt like throwing [Continue]